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« Divine Divinity » is all about creating immersion and atmosphere. Music plays a very important role in this, and we try to pay a lot of attention to it.

The music system in « Divine Divinity » has two modes of operation. In the first, several pieces of music seamlesly blend into each other as the mood of the game changes. In the second, the music doesn't change as it supports critical story moments or tries to build up tension. The following pieces demonstrate what the music of « Divine Divinity » sounds like.

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Divine Divinity Title Track

The title track from Divine Divinity is a special piece of music. It sets the tone, the pace, the atmosphere for the whole game. It’s almost as angelic and prophetic as it is deep, engrossing, and emphatic… the music helps you immerse yourself into the role of the Divine One. Will you survive…? Will you fulfill your quests? Will you deliver? The music will set you on your way, but the rest is up to you.

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[File size: 4.61 MB - 5:02 min - Date: August 2nd, 2002]

"War and Peace"

This piece of music was created with live violins in which two emotions are represented, passion and the cold power of magic. The music was recorded with percussions playing live and an acoustic violin.

This piece of music appears in the game, in the town Verdistis. The song very clearly represents the tension that exists in the city between the few forces ruling it and the rest of the citizens who are poor and have no power to defend themselves. The citizens are not happy with their conditions and therefore the music is very tense and sad and the same time, its rhythm clearly represents the busy life.

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[File size: 2,71 MB - 2:57 min - Date: October 25, 2001]

"Desert Fight"

This particular song is set against the background of the Wastelands, one of the areas the player will travel through while playing Divinity. It was composed and produced by Kirill Pokrovsky, the russian composer who creates the entire soundtrack for « Divine Divinity ».

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[File size: 4,98 MB - 5:26 min - Date: August 7, 2000]


This is one of the many themes you will be hearing while travelling the forests of Divinity. The difference with the other songs is quite drastic, and gives you an idea how we try to evoke the right emotion at the right time.

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[File size: 2,47 MB - 2:42 min]

"Demona's Run"

This music is ripped from one of the many "story" scenes in the game, this one being "Demona's Run". Imagine a heavy thunderstorm on a dark day. Suddenly, apparently out of nowhere, three figures materialize, a witch and her two skeletal minions. The skeletal warriors position themselves in front of the witch, and the three of them march rapidly towards the keep of the powerful wizard Zandalor, who is not exactly their friend...

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[File size: 3,46 MB - 3:47 min]


This is russian for 'battle'. Bitva is a very complex piece of music and Kirill, the composer, spent almost three months recording and mixing this piece. He used not only choirs, orchestral sounds, but also bass guitar, electric guitar and rock drums. There were a lot of doubts and discussions, but Kirill believes that it is a truly postmodern way of combining things that were not possible before, and it is his first composition for the 21th century. You will hear russian and celtic influences in the song.

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[File size: 2,55 MB - 2:47 min]


This piece was our first internal test of how the blending system might sound. You are hearing different parts of different pieces attached to each other. While for this song it was done manually, the blending system in the game sounds similar. Voin is Russian for 'warrior'.

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[File size: 3,61 MB - 3:56 min]

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