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#359879 - 02/17/09 03:18 PM flight mechanics
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i just ran over Divinity II pics yesterday and now i am all excited about the game. The "Flight-Simulator-RPG"-Mix looks really promising to me.
So, i am really curious about the flight. I was wondering if there are any infomration about the flightmechanics yet. Will it be possibly to alter flight speed or will you constantly fly at the same speed and how about flight maneuvers to get rid of opponents ?

#359883 - 02/17/09 04:13 PM Re: flight mechanics [Re: Xyks]
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So far there has been no information released about flight mechanics (and not much on movement in general). Earlier during development Larian did say they were trying to keep the combat mechanics as similar as possible between dragon slayer and dragon forms. Since the dragon slayer can jump and dodge/roll around during combat, that could mean it may be possible for the dragon to roll, etc.

As for speed, I would guess there may be the same walk/run toggle for both forms. I don't think fine, continuous control over speed is necessary, but it would be nice if the dragon speed up during a dive, and slowed when climbing.

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#359885 - 02/18/09 02:16 AM Re: flight mechanics [Re: Raze]
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Short and sweet: You can dash (bursts of acceleration for a limited period of time), accelerate by diving and fly at fast/slow speeds (similar to run/walk like Raze said).



#359905 - 02/18/09 08:42 AM Re: flight mechanics [Re: Lar_q]
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Thank you.
That sounds excellent, exactly what i was hoping for!
Makes it even harder to wait for the game though...

#359958 - 02/19/09 08:55 AM Re: flight mechanics [Re: Lar_q]
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 Originally Posted By: Lar_q
Short and sweet: You can dash (bursts of acceleration for a limited period of time), accelerate by diving and fly at fast/slow speeds (similar to run/walk like Raze said).

Well, I'm wondering how can player in dragon form attack ground enemies? I assume dragon can burn them by his fire as well as he can burn flying monsters, but has he some other attack skills (we only know he wont have ability to burn wooden buildings )? For example: can dragon lacerate ground enemies by his claws/jaws or knock them down by flying too low - dragon flying just above horse can put down a horseman (and scare horse to death), dragon flying just above wall castellation can knock down warriors from a wall.

I really like to imagine these situation... king of fire monsters dive from a sky and cause havoc on the walls of some fortress only by his wings....

#359995 - 02/20/09 05:30 AM Re: flight mechanics [Re: Farflame]
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Perhaps he could fart, which would act similar to the DnD spell "Stinking Cloud"

#360048 - 02/22/09 05:09 PM Re: flight mechanics [Re: swordscythe]
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In a book by Terry Pratchett (Discworld novels), one Dragon indeed dies fart ... Which he uses as a means to move forwards ... I think ...
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