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#399229 - 01/07/10 08:39 PM Lord Lovis's tower guide
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Since I've seen a lotta people get confused with this, I'ma make a small little guide on how to run this part of the game.

1. After getting your "DragonDream" scene, check your map and track objective to Lord Lovis' tower.
2. Either kill or don't kill the skeletons in the valley.
3. Look for the ladders and broken platforms leading to a big tower.
4. Climb all the ladders until you get to the top.
5. Kill the skeletons on the walkway and continue to find a Waypoint Shrine (Citadel) inside the tower next to a big iron gate that is locked.
6. To the right of the Shrine is a piece of rock that is basically a rock beam with a circle in the middle, that is propped against the wall. Climb that and look for little square platforms sticking out of the wall. Jump on all the platforms and activate the lever at the top to open the gate.
7. Be ready to face more skeletons, go back to the iron gate you just went through, turn around facing the direction you were originally headed and look to the left for a platform on the wall then jump on it. Jump on all the platforms and use the switch at the top again to open the next gate.
8. Fight the skeletons in here, then go up the walkway to the left and up the ladders until you reach the top. There will be 4 dragon statues here with orange light coming out of their mouths. Each dragon has a pressure plate built into the front, press them in this order to open the gate: 1st one you see, next one to the right, closest to the gate on the right, directly to the left of the 3rd one.
9. Go through the newly opened gate and up the walkway that leads up to a door at the very top. Go through the door.
10. This next room is pretty simple, to progress, jump into the room that has flames in it (they do hurt you quickly so hurry up) and pull the ring on the back right wall to show a cutscene of a green orb. (if it doesnt give you the cs, then pull all the buttons on all four corners of the main room, but each will hurt you so try the fire room first)
11. Collect the orb, then go into your inventory and use it to be warped to the next part.
12. Be ready for a pretty tough fight the second you warp in(under lvl 10-11).
13. Activate the two pedestals and jump up the two platforms for a free item if you wish, then continue to the door.
14. Use the nearby waypoint shrine to warp to the citadel shrine. Go through the doors until you reach the part where there is a locked gate in your way. Use the walkway leading up on your left back to the dragons with pressure plates. Go through that gate then head DOWN (right path where as you took the left path or UP last time)follow it to a ladder/drop off with a door and enemies at the bottom. Climb or fall down then go through the door.
15. You will hear a chick say LORD LOVIS IS CLOSE BY. Go through the little "tunnels" all the way to the right until you see a human corpse facedown under the last tunnel. Examine the corpse for a REVEAL SPELL scroll. Go into inventory and use it to reveal a lever. Pull the lever -_-. An elevator takes u downstairs.
16. Examine the big red throne with the book for a dialogue. The answers are as follows:
Q1- Anastas, Q2, Oroboros, Q3, Battle of Ten thousand, Q4, missed it but it's not Damian lol, Q5, Vally of Shrines (4/5 will get you through the dialogue).
Congrats, you're done.

Notes: I don't have anything about items etc in this guide, as it is intended to be a bare-bones guide to the quest alone, if you really need me to tell you to open the chest in the left corner, or dont click the lever that infects you with acid, then go play fable 2 or something :P

#449240 - 08/28/11 04:43 PM Re: Lord Lovis's tower guide [Re: DJ Fatal Slink]
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I know that this thank you is so late in coming that it is technically an act of thread necromancy, but thank you!

I can't believe nobody ever expressed gratitude for your work. I'm a DKS newbie playing for the first time, and I was really liking the game until the Lovis Tower quest had me ready to quit in frustration and start hating the game.

I really hope the whole game isn't like this! (I HATE maneuvering puzzles in rpg's!)

Once again, thank you so much. Now, I can at least keep giving Divinity 2 a fair chance to be a fun game that I will treasure and replay.

#449244 - 08/28/11 04:59 PM Re: Lord Lovis's tower guide [Re: belgarathmth]
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I think I missed this topic somehow when it was first posted...

There are a couple sections that you need to do some platform jumping for, which are generally pretty easy (at least using a gamepad on the Xbox version). On the PC there are a couple topics with tips on jumping.

BTW, for step 12 above, if you use the scrying stone yourself you can mindread the ghost before the fight for a stat point.
For step 13, don't be too hasty picking one of the 4 items on chains that you can see from where you lowered them.
Warning, Spoiler:
To the back left, out of view behind a wall/column, there is a skill book on a chain, near where you teleport if you use the scrying stone yourself.