I've been itching to come here and create a thread for the developers for a few weeks now. So here goes:

These are some suggestions that I think would ensure the success of a game such as Divinity II: Ego Draconis (or any other similar game for that matter).

1. NEVER.... use 'hard-coded' keys/mouse buttons to force your users to have to do something in your game a certain way. This is the most common fault of the programmers in almost every game out there and it could be prevented with proper planning of development projects. I mean, wish I could have used my middle mouse button to walk backwards in Divinity 2. It seemed that the keys weren't saved in an editable format as well!! Bad idea...

2. Static and dynamic enemies. This means you could clear a level, but the game could continue on later even if the game has ended. Triggers could be tripped at a certain point(endgame) that would enable a dynamic continuation of the game. Coming back to an empty dungeon isn't much fun and makes the game boring. Throw up a random spawn of mobs. Make it dynamic and challenge your users.

3. Create complex puzzles and mazes for your users to navigate through. I honestly thought Zelda had more complex acrobatic puzzles. Please though before you hear me on this one... fix the keyboard/mouse bindings to allow a completely custom set including the Middle Mouse (Mouse3). We want to play your game, but we want to navigate though it our way. IF we can't then we don't play...... up to you ^

4. Before you decide to NOT make the game into a MMORPG, take out the elements left over from the idea. In example, upon load you forced your users to have to click 'Load successful, [OK]'.
Load successful? I suppose if it failed I'd still have to click OK? In other words, stick to the plan.

5. Stop trying to put so much perversion into the game. Sure a little bit is funny from time to time, but Jesus Christ.... A seductive chest?? FFS, go get some tail before you develop the next one, mkay... And STOP with the homo giz. I have nothing against gay people and I'm a very sexual person, BUT... You want kids to be ABLE to play the game without totally messing their heads all up. Stop that noise!

6. Listen to your community. Sure everyone has a forum these days, but who cares? Right?
IF you don't support your users, they will not fill your pockets... They will not rant on about how wonderful the world of blah blah blah is.... They'll just inflate the Google cache with complaints moaning, and raving.

Everything else is brilliant guys! I thought the graphics/movies were decent. The story line was fabulous. I would like to hear more of a variety of accents in the voices, but overall good job. I loved the Irish accents (that's a must in a great RPG). You could've got the women to do a better job, but I can understand considering the amount of silly perversion put into the game why the women wouldn't have taken it as serious when performing their voice recordings. Microsoft Sally could have done a better job! LOL J/K, but really we take our gaming serious and you should develop that way.

Some may disagree, but it doesn't matter, I think I've made some excellent points that are rarely spoken of or typed out on forums. I came here to help, not only to criticize, but to penetrate your thoughts with my destructive words of wisdom. You may hate me for it, but if my seeds fall upon good ground, then you will have learned something very important for your line of work.
I want to see respect brought back into the real world, not only the virtual world and it doesn't help when you won't listen and don't care. Rest assured, if us little people have no respect and the whole world is without respect, then your market will diminish with our economies and governments.

Good luck out there little buddy... you're gonna need it.