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#434791 - 01/09/11 03:38 AM key of edmund wood chest
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I just began divinity 2 and it is already starting to stress me: mad:.

I am looking for the key to the wood chest of Edmund at the beginning of the adventure.
I discovered his wood chest.
I read his mind.
I've been in training camp and looked near the fire goblins. I found nothing.

I look around 15 minutes and found nothing after I searched on Internet
I find a map or "k1" represents the location of the famous key
with that I was not able to find this key.

It is buggy or have I missed something?

Please someone could kindly tell me "accurately" where to find the key or post a screenshot of the location of this key

Thank you in advance

#434798 - 01/09/11 04:55 AM Re: key of edmund wood chest [Re: sonja 456]
TheSletch Offline

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It is sitting beside the fire, on a rock, in the goblin area. If yours isn't there after mind reading it might be a bug?

I wouldn't stress about the chest too much, since chests are level dependant you will usually get about 5-12 gold [that's what I've seen it have] and if you are really lucky, or save/load a bunch, an average weapon that you will replace about 5 minutes into the game.

Get the skill book and continue playing the game, the chest has nothing important. If you really want I will start a new game and screenshot the key - if you can't find it from my description.

#434822 - 01/09/11 08:27 AM Re: key of edmund wood chest [Re: TheSletch]
vometia Online   sleepy

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Yeah, this chests rewards are underwhelming: I think I got six gold pieces out of it and was left thinking "is that it...?"
J'aime le fromage.

#434904 - 01/10/11 02:38 AM Re: key of edmund wood chest [Re: vometia]
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Well it is only the tutorial level, it would be rather weird if it would give you the awesome sword of awesomeness right there. :p