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#450647 - 09/22/11 11:07 AM Art of Divine Divinity
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Divine Divinity has some really beautiful artwork, not just in-game but also made for it. Some of it is no longer on the Larian website seemingly, I guess this is because (like the header) it was before the title was changed. I searched these forums but most of the links for art and wallpapers are dead.

Here's some nice in-game artwork to begin with, here are a few examples of ones I've found in books that I thought were cool:


This one looks like a pre-Photoshop photoshop of an actual forest:

There's a good few in this style too but I didn't think to capture all of them:

Then there's actual statues and stuff, here's one from the catacombs:

The full scene:

I've to take more of Statues and stuff in places like the Church. I might add more as I come across them during this play-through if any one else is interested.

One thing that always struck me since I first played this game (in around 2003 I think) was how scenic it always looked (until you leave Ferol!), a particular moment of atmosphere that always stood out for me was after you leave Aleroth and get to the river, the music stops, you hear the river flowing and birds singing and other animal noises, it's really tranquil or something, it's amazing.

Anyway here's some non in-game art. Here's a cool picture of the female assassin model (click on image to see full sized version):

Cybu the Assassin:

Some Wallpapers before name change (again click on image to see full version):

I Summon Thee... From the Pits of Death, From the Fires of Hell:

Does anyone know what the name "Sword Of Lies" was about? I know why it was changed, but what's the significance of the "Sword of Lies"? Is it some allusion or joke reference to the Terry Goodkind series the "Sword of Truth" or is it something more significant than that that I've missed (it's a while since I finished the game).

Also does anyone else have any nice examples of in-game or rare artwork for this game?

Here are my sources for non in-game images:
Obviously the Larian website has some Artwork and Wallpapers
Other images I mostly got from here
And Sword of Lies Wallpapers from here

#450652 - 09/22/11 01:58 PM Re: Art of Divine Divinity [Re: moktira]
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Thanks for the links. I didn't realize there was that much early artwork still around, other than Marian's website (GFX section).
The archive of Kiya's site has a lot of the in-game art (under 'Quests' and then 'Rune manuscripts').

In the backstory of DD, during the previous war with the Lord of Chaos, he forged a sword for the archmage Ulthring, leader of the army. The sword was imbued with a fragment of the soul of the Lord of Chaos, making Ulthring much more powerful. After the Council of Seven sacrificed themselves to banish the Lord of Chaos, another archmage used the sword to finish off Ulthring, still alive after an earlier arrow to the eye. The sword slowly started taking over the mind of the archmage, and before it could gain control he lock himself in the Stormfist castle treasure room.
In DD when you explore the treasure room looking for the Sword of Lies, you find nothing but a child's toy, left behind by Janus after he found the sword and was easily corrupted by it.

#450659 - 09/22/11 04:34 PM Re: Art of Divine Divinity [Re: Raze]
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Raze you are an absolute goldmine of information! First off the images on Kiya's site was exactly what I was looking for, I did check that site but didn't find them. I was hoping someone would have a collection of all of them somewhere. I presume the text in english above some of them in the same font was added after (or else I've got a weird version!).

This one is really cool:

That map of the Verdistis sewers is handy too! Pity I haven't come across it in this run through.

I'd found a lot of the animations that are on valarauker.de before but he's got some I hadn't seen and some nice images too. I love this animation:
I wish my character could look like that! This one's cool too:

I also don't ever remember these images before (again click on for full size):

He's also got those Wallpapers from Larian only without anything written on them, these two are particularly nice:

I remembered the toy in Stormfist Castle and Janus being corrupted by something but had forgotten the Sword, don't think I've read the back story since my last full play-through in 2004 (I still have those save files too), I won't ask any more plot related questions until I've finished this play-through so then! "Sword of Lies" is a much much better name though, a pity.

Also note that this website has got some very early screenshots, the earliest being from from May 2000 if you're interested.

If you know of any more art from the game let me know too please. This game is so detailed, it's a masterpiece.

#450660 - 09/22/11 09:24 PM Re: Art of Divine Divinity [Re: moktira]
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The English text on the book screenshots is the translation of the runes.

#450664 - 09/23/11 01:36 AM Re: Art of Divine Divinity [Re: Raze]
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In my current playthrough of DD I found that map of the "Verdistis Sewers", but can't remember where I found it ... \:\/
Maybe in the Cursed Abbey? Or in the dungeons of the Imp's Castle in Dark Forest ? Or .. ?

Many of books with nice pictures I take with me to make myself a library of beautiful artwork \:D !
Very nice pictures you post here, thanks !

And yes, DD is really a Masterpiece !! \:\)
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#451156 - 10/11/11 02:04 PM Re: Art of Divine Divinity [Re: Joram]
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I absolutely love the art style of DD. Alot of love went into thee making of this game!


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