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#450689 - 09/23/11 10:12 AM Status update September 23
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Real quick - sitting in the airport in Warsaw after a successful announcement of our cooperation with CD Projekt for publishing Dragon Commander in Poland. Learnt here that the Polish market is much bigger than I thought, that CD Projekt really knows their metier (which I guess was already clear from seeing how they handled the Witcher), that we'll probably be able to do very cool things here with Dragon Commander, and that the food is quite good.

Next stop is going to be Moscow for the Igromir show where we'll be showing Dragon Commander to the Russian audience, and start our cooperation with 1C-Softclub, the largest publisher over there. After that, it'll become time to start focusing on the West, but so far so good - the game was really well received here and people seem to be quite enthused about what we're showing & telling them. I've got 3 Dragon Commander T-shirts left that I need to do something with - I think we'll organize a quick contest when I get back.

Going to board now, have a great weekend all !

#450690 - 09/23/11 10:50 AM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: Lar_q]
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Eastern Europe as a big market for RPGs. In a way, I already knew that - The Witcher and Pathologic and whatnot had to come from somewhere, after all, but it's still strange to hear it.

I guess my Western-centred worldview is to blame.

Still, glad to hear everything's going well. And... are you sure you won't be giving away those T-shirts in Moscow?

#450691 - 09/23/11 11:54 AM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: WotanAnubis]
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Agreed. The Russians actually churn out an amazing amount of (old-school) RPGs each year, 90% of which never make it into the West.

#450726 - 09/25/11 02:14 PM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: virumor]
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Well, I'll publish Dragon Commander over in the UK for you. Demonic Corp has got your back.

#450756 - 09/26/11 05:46 AM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: Demonic]
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And don't forget there' some great franchises like the new King's Bounty & Armored Princess, plus the reboot of the HOMM series (with HOMM 5) or Majesty 2.
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#450911 - 10/01/11 09:41 PM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: AlrikFassbauer]
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It's going to be abig success in the west as well I'm sure of it all will bow in awe of DRAGON COMMANDER grin


#451813 - 11/10/11 12:00 PM Re: Status update September 23 [Re: Lar_q]
kaczkat Offline

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Itís really good to hear that you are starting cooperation with CD Projekt as I am a great fun of both DKS and The Wither.
I was really disappointed when after few months of waiting, your previous partner in Poland decided not to release FoV but only DKS.
Having really good experience with CD Projekt as a developer of both parts of The Wither it seems that the level of delivered service will be much higher.
Canít wait your games.