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#463342 - 04/19/13 08:51 PM Could someone assist me with a technical issue?
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I bought this game on steam and got about 11 hours into it with no problems. Then my motherboard crashed. Since it was a fairly old computer, it seemed like a better idea to invest in a new computer rather than getting the motherboard fixed. On my new computer, I re-installed steam and Beyond Divinity to restart the game. Now However, after installing it, upon trying to play it for my first time, it asks me to confirm the configuration. So I pick 1024 X 768 for my resolution and FSAA (whatever that is) of 0, (which is the default setting). Then I hit "apply and close." Now whenever I select the game to try to play it, I always get the following message no matter what I do:

"Beyond Divinity was not correctly terminated the last time. It is recommended that all dynamic files will be cleaned up and all the configuration data will be resetted. All save games will still be available afterwards. Do you want to reset the configuration?"

If I select "yes", it takes me back to the configuration settings where the problem is repeated. If I select "no" then nothing happens at all. I'm wondering if windows 8 might be the problem since that is what this new computer uses. Has anyone else had this problem?

#463350 - 04/20/13 12:52 AM Re: Could someone assist me with a technical issue? [Re: Ravenheart77]
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What happens if you run the configuration program before trying to start the game (through the Start menu Beyond Divinity folder, or the configtool.exe file in the install folder)?

Did you install the game to the Program Files path? It might help to install it somewhere else.

In Windows Explorer, try browsing to the install folder and start the game directly, rather than going through the Steam client.

If you right click on the div.exe program file and select Properties, you can try running the game as administrator, or a compatibility mode.

Check if there are files called debug.lst or error.txt in the Beyond Divinity folder. If so, do they list any error messages than might be helpful?

Try deleting the files config.div, slashed.cfg and slashed-d3d6.cfg in the Beyond Divinity folder (if they exist), to force the configuration program to recreate them.

You could check if the dynamic folders are actually empty (and delete any files if they aren't).
Normally the dynamic folders are in the folders '..\Beyond Divinity\Acts\Act1\Dynamic', '..\Beyond Divinity\Acts\Act2\Dynamic', etc.
At least under Vista/7, depending on how the user accounts are set up, if you install the game to the Program Files path, Windows can create separate savegame and dynamic folders for each user, and then map those folders to the game's folder (so it will just see the dynamic folders and saves for the relevant user).

FSAA = Full Screen Anti-Aliasing
I never really noticed a difference with it enabled or not.


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