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#481541 - 02/06/14 06:56 AM German Voice / English Interface and Sub
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I think the voice actors in Divinity Dragon Knight Saga sounds much better in German especially Bellegar.

Is there anyway to switch to German voice acting but still keep the English interface and subtitles?


#481582 - 02/06/14 02:06 PM Re: German Voice / English Interface and Sub [Re: Bell]
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Maybe, for the PC version. The Xbox version has no language options, that I could see, and switches localizations (if available) based on the Xbox language setting (at least for the North American English/French release).

In the main Divinity 2 install folder there is a file called lang.ini which consists of something like:


In the Data subfolder, the languages.xml file contains something like:

<Language XBox="Default" Spoken="English" Text="English" />

The English version of D2:DC also contains the Italian and Spanish text, so in the lang.ini file the values can be changed to IT/Italian or ES/Spanish and in the languages.xml file the 'Text' value can be changed to Italian or Spanish.

I have not tried installing a non-English version of Divinity 2, but in principle you should be able to copy the language specific files from one install to another (don't know if Steam removes the existing language files if you switch languages). After that, I think changing the value of 'Spoken' to German and the main/text to English should do what you want.

#605795 - 06/23/17 11:57 PM Re: German Voice / English Interface and Sub [Re: Bell]
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Hi, I just created this account to say 'What a great game Ego Draconis is' and Does anybody found a solution for this problem? A mod to switch German Voice/English Subs? The method explained by Raze is not working. In my view, the English voice acting simply suck.

I have the PC version, BTW.