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#524874 - 07/21/14 12:10 PM Shifting Characters
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Don't know if this bug has been reported before. I am playing the Steam version of Beyond Divinity. There are certain areas that if you alt tab out (say to read a guide which I've been doing) and then come back into the game, it will shift all friendly NPC's that are visible to the left a small margin permanently for the rest of the game.

The easiest way to reproduce this bug is to just stand in the middle of the 4 vendors in Battlefield (I started noticing this in Act 3 battlefield) and just alt tab out of the game go back to it alt tab out go back to it. It's a nuisance as it can place the vendors in unreachable areas (in act 3 Battlefield the bottom vendor can be placed into his tent and is unclickable unless you alt tab about 10 more times till he shifts to the left of his tent).

It's also annoying as sometimes actual quest NPC's get shifted into areas that are very hard to find (I had the smith from the Demon Sword quest in Act 3 get shifted all the way out of the church building. I thought he got deleted from the game and couldn't complete the quest but I eventually found him in the graveyard). Also if you do it enough NPC's will shift so far you can never talk to them again in some cases and breaks the game (takes an obscene amount of alt tabs though).

Let me know if you need any more info on this.

#524886 - 07/21/14 12:30 PM Re: Shifting Characters [Re: RythDarkbane]
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For the BF merchants, if just one is moving, you can keep Alt Tabbing until they exit out the other side of the obstruction.

Alternately, there is a way to reset NPC locations: Teleporting anywhere (via hex editor).

In acts 2 and 3 there can sometimes be small gaps in the north west corner when two walls meet, which you may be able to toss a teleporter stone through.

You can use the technique in the topic armory trick in act 1 to get a summoning doll through a wall, and have it enter the BF to get your main characters through when you leave the BF.


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