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#560784 - 01/02/15 10:00 PM Saved games crash
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All of my saved games I saved to today will not load.
I am playing the game in Steam.

I was in the rift tomb after pulling the right chains and fighting off the skeletons.

I was sorting through all my potions and started getting over my weight limit when it crashed to the desktop. I have had problems before with my weight limit and crashes to the desktop but was always able to reload a previous save from the day, however this time I can't load any of today's save files at all. It gets to 75% on them and crashes back to the desktop.

I have tried re-installing and that did not work. I tried loading a new game and then loading a saved game from there, and that did not work. I also checked to make sure all my save game files are there, and they are.

Not too sure what I can do at this point, but I really do not want to load the previous save files from last month and redo it all over.

#560790 - 01/02/15 10:26 PM Re: Saved games crash [Re: Kayshin]
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Were you previously able to load those saves (ie if you died, or took a break and came back)?

Try deleting the files within the dynamic folders (not the folders themselves, though);
'..\beyond_divinity\Acts\Act1\Dynamic', '..\beyond_divinity\Acts\Act2\Dynamic', etc.
These folders are used as a cache for the game. Files are created / copied there from the save game folder when you load, and written / copied to those folders when you save a game. The files will be re-created as required the next time you start Beyond Divinity. If there was a corrupt file from a later act it might not effect a new game.
If you checked the install folder to make sure there was nothing left (other than the saves) when you uninstalled, then you already did this.

If you zip one of your saves and email it to me (raze@larian.com) I can take a look at it, and if the problem is in the save itself, possible isolate where.

You can avoid problems becoming encumbered if you use one or more of your summoning dolls as mules. The act 1 doll, for example, can equip a crossbow, so even if you use it in combat, it doesn't really matter if it becomes encumbered and can not move.

Crashes Every Time I'm Carrying Too Much (Steam) - initially I was unable to replicate the problem, but figured out the steps to do so


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