Hello, I recently bought the Divinity Anthology Bundle on steam, after playthroughs of OS and the 2nd I had to experience what else the Devs have made. And so far all 3 games work outside of this one.

I don't exactly expect major support pouring out headed into 2017 but it would be nice if someone found a solution that I just haven't been able to after an hour or two of forum and google searching.

So the problem seems to be this, the framerate is completely fine, in fact stellar at 200+. Seems fine on paper, but in game its a different story. While all animations seem to be perfectly smooth, the problem arises when I move the camera at all. I don't quite know how to explain further outside of its like everything outside of my character model becomes choppy, in game cutscenes work fine, but if I move my camera things become severely choppy and stutter on where I can see.

My Specs
Windows 10 64bit
GTX 770
8Gb or RAM

I've tried using lockstep, the timeslice shadows, I installed directx, physx from the ingame folders, though doing this actually caused the game to crash during loading. Though funny enough I just repeated what I did and now its back to loading so I'm a bit lost on where to head to now. My drivers are all up to date. and I've yet to find any other solutions through the searching I've been able to do.

I've also used the Nvidia control panel to set pre-rendered frames to 1.

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