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#596836 - 12/12/16 02:10 PM Tips on how to do a Rogue/Mage using swords! Pls
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Just starting out completely brand new, any tips for a beginner would be appreciated. No story spoilers please!

looking for build specfic tips. thank you

#597764 - 01/02/17 08:19 AM Re: Tips on how to do a Rogue/Mage using swords! Pls [Re: Sol]
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Why do you want use a sword with a rogue? You can't backstab with a sword.

My rogue in D:OS not-enhanced was scoundrel-aerothurge, with an legendary boosted (+str & +dex) dagger and shield. He had Dex and Int equally high and strength nearly as high. Thanks to backstabbing he did tons of damage and at the end he was even better tank, than our main tank because most attacks he dodged or blocked. In the early game he was of course much weaker, both invisibility spells were often life savers. And stun immunity from level 5 aerothurge was of course a must have. (Scoudrel I never got over 4 I think.)

Support mage casting rain and rogue setting everything under electricity, and the rogue had free movement to roam and kill while most of the enemies where disabled.

Not sure how well it works in EE tough, we never finished EE even tactian felt to easy. frown
But it started my rogue there with the same build up.