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#644636 - 04/02/18 04:50 PM Changing Elements on wands
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I've started to get a bit irritated about finding a good staff or wand. With the right skills and attributes but then it having poison damage or something for someone who's specified in Aerotheurge.

So I had an idea for an add-on, that by combining a Staff or wand with an essence of (for example) water, transforming that damage typ from ex: poison to water. And giving it the freezing effect and so on.

I'm totally new to this and I'm not getting anywhere.
Is it possible to do?
Anyone have any pointers? Or want to steal my idea? ;)

I'm looking around in the stats editor, and the ItemCombos as this is where I'm guessing this change should be possible. But again, I have no clue as to what I'm doing so I'm not really hoping for much here on my part.

Thanks in advance.

#645260 - 04/21/18 04:14 AM Re: Changing Elements on wands [Re: Makknys]
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This would be crafting.

The problem with that is that mods have no interface to an item's boost, so if you changed them in crafting, you'd loose all the boosts (like the spell or the +3 INT boost).
Crafting can only create predefined objects with predefined boosts.

Even if you managed to add the stats for all possible boost combinations to the game (which would be several thousand potential combinations), you still could not find out which buffs are on a specific item you hold because there is simply no interface to read the stats an item has.
An object's weight and I think durability are the only things that are exposed to scripts but these are not very helpful. You can never read any stats like spells or attribute boosts on an item.
(The weight is only exposed because e.g. pressure plates use it. Weight is also a predefined base stat and not one added by the 'drop engine'.)

It's a good idea but it's not doable unfortunately.
Otherwise, a mod that does this, maybe even more generalized and not restricted to staffs and wands, would most likely already exist.

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