Patch 1.03 brings new features for Divinity II: Ego Draconis and fixes some bugs in the German, French, English, Italian and Spanish version. It also brings all language versions on the same patch level.

To deliver the smallest patch possible per language we seperated the patch exes into three versions:

German Patch 1.03: (1,87 GB)

French (plus US) Patch 1.03: (876 MB)

English, Italian, Spanish (plus US) Patch 1.03: (406 MB)

If you already have a Divinity II patch installed on your PC just click on "Search online for updates" in your start menu and you've got it.

New features:

- Added a crosshair option for better targeting/item interaction
- Physics improvement. Easier to walk forward when running into objects.
- Melee attacks now hit multiple targets in a cone
- Greatly improved both sword and bow targeting
- Turned down homing of enemy projectiles on lower difficulties
- Added waypoint shrines to map
- Shorter animations for certain skills


- This patch also fixes a lot of bugs, it doesn't just introduce new features. For instance, if you have a never-ending loading screen after starting a new game (after the "ladybug and zeppelin" movie), patch 1.03 will fix this.
- Patch 1.03 contains Patch 1.01 and Patch 1.02
- To make all changes shall work properly you should start a new game
- This Patch only works with all DVD versions of the game, online retailers will deliver their patch in addition.
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