reviews Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga on Xbox360

And they liked it !

Rating it 8.2/10 and giving it "The Dark Horse award" which stands for "Awarded to a game that has successfully hidden its greatness right up to the moment of review where it has been found to be flippin' marvelous" they say:

"A graphically appealing, world-spanning, exploration and questing focused, largely open-world RPG opus quite unlike anything else on the console. It even manages laugh-out-loud moments with its bawdy and often Pythonesque humour."

On the topic of the humor in Divinity, they also awarded it a LOL-award, which goes to games that "cause drinks to gush from our noses in an unstoppable avalanche of unrestrained mirth"

They further say that "The game separates itself from its peers with a number of major hooks...(which) are all paced out rather beautifully." and "there’s simply no other hardcore RPG release in this half of 2010 which can touch it."

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