– 5 stars out of 5

Chris from the English Allabouthegame magazine was blown away by The Dragon Knight Saga. Have a look-see at his review, it oozes praise. He was immediately amazed by the updates the game received, and recommends it to everyone with an XBOX360, especially at the bargain bin price this massive game comes at.

"There was no sign of the screen tear or frame-rate issues and the whole thing nipped along at a decent pace. Also immediately noticable was a ton more detail and polish on all the textures and models. Excellent stuff."

"The world of Rivellon is a fantastic one to get lost in."

"Another area that this game oozes quality is in its voice acting."

"Larian have clearly lavished a lot of love and attention on their game. It's huge. It rewards exploration ten fold, and the storytelling is on a par with the biggest block-busting games today. Hell, in a lot of places I'd even say it surpasses them, such is the level of imagination on show here."

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Final score: 5/5 !