Beyond Divinity

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About the game

Beyond Divinity is the follow-up to the award-winning Divine Divinity. Soul-forged with a Death Knight, your fate is to spend the rest of eternity bonded to this creature of evil, unless you can undo his curse…prepare for your greatest adventure!

This new re-mastered version offers support for Windows 7 and higher resolutions.

Key Features

  • An RPG of Epic Proportions: Experience an adventure that will last you over 60 hours, filled with tons of non-linear quests and offering an enormous world to explore, spread over 4 story acts. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always enter the Battlefields – a randomly generated universe filled with loot, enemies and new quests.
  • Classless Character Development: You decide what kind of character you want to be! An open, class-free character development system with over 30 character traits and 290 skills to learn, including advanced alchemy, craftsmanship, trap creation and many others.
  • Work together to emerge victorious: You can seamlessly switch control between your avatar and the Death Knight. In combat, you can pause the game at will and take your time to issue commands to each party member. Summoning dolls allows you to increase your party size even further.
  • Interaction Galore: Discover the enormous amount of objects that can be investigated, traded, used and combined. Found some empty flasks and picked up some colourful mushrooms? Create potions! Obtained some vile-smelling poison? Daub it on your blade or arrow tips: your foes won’t know what hit ’em!
  • Award-winning Soundtrack Enjoy the dulcet melodies composed by Kirill Pokrovsky, the two-time winner of IGN’s “Outstanding Achievement in Music” award.

Press Quotes

Combines the best of fast-paced combat-oriented RPGs with a decent storyline and inventive questing

If you're looking for a lengthy (as in 100+ hours) RPG that blends quick and dirty gameplay with heaping plates of detail and sophisticated character development, no one else comes close to this series

It promises many hours of addictive adventuring, all with a tone that succeeds at being self-consciously humorous in the face of some fairly conventional fantasy trappings


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What’s the relation between Beyond Divinity and Divine Divinity?

Beyond Divinity is based on the same engine as Divine Divinity and is also set in the same gaming universe. It builds further on the strengths of Divine Divinity, but contains many new gameplay additions and engine improvements

Is this Divinity 2?

No, it isn’t. It can be said that this is an extension of the Divinity Universe, but this is a completely new experience, with a fresh storyline.

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