Divinity II: Developer’s Cut

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About the game

Dragons: they have been hunted, they have been slain, but now the hour to strike back has come. Break free from the confines of the human body and take to the skies in this epic RPG adventure that challenges your wits and pits you against a thousand foes. Spread your wings, burn your enemies: become the dragon!

This Developer’s Cut includes the ultimate edition of Divinity II, good for 100+ hours of highly acclaimed RPG gameplay, as well as the brand new Developer Mode and many more amazing extras!

Key Features

  • Developer Mode: Play the original version, or experience the game like the designers did and fool around with console commands to your heart’s content! Ever wanted to test some new skills on a hoard of a hundred goblins? Go for it! Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the game-world in the guise of a troll? Well there you go! Discover a whole range of spectacular developer commands and feel like a wizard at play!
  • Hatching the Dragon: Watch this unique, behind-the-scenes documentary that gives you insights into the creative process of Divinity II: its ups and downs, its triumphs and defeats.
  • Treasure Vault: Rummage through a wealth of design documents, concept art and videos that give you an uncensored look at Divinity II not as a finished game, but as a work in progress. Experience firsthand just how a game is made!
  • Fight as both human and dragon: For the first time, an RPG unleashes the power of the Dragon on you! Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you strategically use both your human & dragon forms to defeat the enemy and become the ultimate Dragon Knight!
  • Dynamically unfolding storyline depending on your choices and skills: Divinity II gives you a wide range of moral choices when deciding on how to act on quest objectives.
  • Use your powerful Battle Tower as base of operations: Looming like a colossal stone claw over Sentinel Island stands the Battle Tower, a vast citadel built many centuries ago by a long forgotten Dragon Mage. Become bound to the Battle Tower through a mystical relic known as the Dragon Stone.
  • Build your very own ultimate fighting creature: Conjure the spirits to bring to life a creature made from body parts you have collected during your battles. This creature’s power is literally the sum of his body parts; once you are able to assemble this abomination, summon it to support you in combat!


Press Quotes

A great way to kick off 2010 in gaming, Divinity II contains hours of playtime and fun to be had. You don't want to miss this one.

If you love RPGs the way I do, you'll love Divinity II


Divinity II - Ego Draconis is a pleasant surprise! The game shows many original ideas and the character development is intriguing and enjoyable. We recommend this game to all lovers of the RPG action-genre!

It is not only recommended for fans of the original game, but for anyone who want to embark into a new roleplaying adventure with a lot of intelligent humour

Great (and funny) writing, well designed quests, respect for the player's intelligence and an open approach to character creation make The Dragon Knight Saga an outstanding



You can find support on forum or by email supportdks@larian.com


What does revised engine mean?

The engine behind Divinity II - Ego Draconis has received a significant overhaul on all fronts. The graphics and performance have been improved significantly, a host of new gameplay features have been introduced and a bunch of little annoyances have been removed. All in all, it means the game plays a lot smoother and looks a lot prettier. You can see some of the graphical improvements on this site. The best part is that most improvements will also affect Divinity II - Ego Draconis, so if you decide to start with a new character, you're going to have a lot of extra candy.

What else changed?

Well, a lot. We had a good look at what people wrote on our forums, especially the parts they didn't like, and started fixing this. Divinity II - Flames of Vengeance probably features the coolest piece of Dragon gameplay we've created so far.

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