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We have been making critically acclaimed RPGs since 1996. Our most recent game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, won over 160 awards and nominations (“Best Multiplayer,” BAFTA; PC Gamer’s Game of the Year) and now we’re busy cooking up our next mad projects.

With over 150 people spread across the globe, Larian Studios is a family with homes in Belgium, Russia, Canada, and Dublin. We work every day to create RPGs widely considered to be best-in-class and we have fun doing it.


We seek highly motivated individuals with a lot of talent and a heavy dose of player empathy. Whether you’re a junior or a seasoned veteran, Larian welcomes everyone who can teach us something new and help us push the boundaries of possibility. You’ll enjoy independence and space to explore and grow your talents, working in a supportive and rewarding environment with a team of people who’ve got your back.


Once you’ve applied for your desired role, we’ll look through submitted materials and contact you for more information. If we feel you’re suitable for the role, you’ll enjoy healthy relocation support (if necessary), private healthcare benefits, sponsored sport and fitness (where applicable), paid sick leave, and many other industry-leading perks to ensure you’re happy, healthy, and part of the team!

Experienced Environmental Artist

Art | Quebec
  • Creating the ingame assets following the guidelines, with or without concept art. (assets involved: Trees, rocks, vegetation, props, furniture, houses, castles, weapons,…)
  • Creating and Baking Highpoly models, created in 3DS max or Maya / Z-brush and texturing them in substance painter (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs). Both organic and hard surface.
  • Work together with the other departments to supply the designers' needs and streamline the tools and processes.

Senior Cinematic Artist

Animation | Dublin
  • Take on technically and cinematically difficult scenes from conception to polished
  • Mentor and teach cinematic artists how to author engaging cinematics using proprietary tools
  • Provide feedback and help guide future iterations of cinematic tools and pipelines

Office Manager

Administration | Dublin
  • Administration assistance: payroll, benefits, recruiting, accounting, etc.
  • Assist with HR Administration, including screening candidates & arranging interviews.
  • Assist with the day to day running of the office.

Experienced Prop Artist

Art | Saint Petersburg
  • Create in-game assets while following guidelines, with or without concept art. (Assets include: trees, rocks, vegetation, props, furniture, houses, castles, weapons, and much more)
  • Create and bake high poly models using 3ds Max/ZBrush, and texture them in Substance Painter (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs). Can be both organic and hard surfaces.
  • Work together with the other departments to supply the designers' needs, as well as streamlining the tools and processes.

Senior Character Artist

Art | Saint Petersburg
  • Create 3D character models in Z-brush and Maya, bake lowpoly models, create UVs and texture them with Substance Painter (or equivalent 3D or 2D packages).
  • 3D character artists are responsible for creating: humanoids, monsters, animals, clothing, armor, weapons, and much more.
  • Work with other departments (animation/design) so character models follow technical guidelines, and processes and tools can be improved.

Tools QA tester

Quality Assurance | Quebec
  • First line of support for the production team with regard to any technical issues.
  • Test and help improve our production pipelines and tools.
  • Test new builds to ensure stability of the tools.

Product Manager

Dublin | Publishing
  • Develop, plan, and execute detailed high level product strategy for future growth and expansion
  • Build and foster partnerships with external agencies, influencers and business partners to create strategic and tactical actions
  • Liaise with the internal teams (developers, producers and art team) to build brand awareness, relevance and reputation among target audiences and strategic partners

Game Capture Intern

  • Use proprietary tools to set up scenes & swiftly navigate the sprawling worlds in our games.
  • Capture gameplay in a clear and elegant manner using GeForce Experience or similar capture software.
  • Manage and consolidate your footage into tidy folder structures.


Dublin | Ghent | Writing
  • You know the games we're developing inside and out so that you can determine how each line in every dialog 'plays', that is: fits into the context of the game as a whole.
  • Assess whether or not dialogs hold up to the in-house guidelines developed for the vision we have of what good dialog should be.
  • Based on these guidelines, formulate constructive feedback that you then communicate back to the writers.

Audio Lead

Audio | Quebec
  • Develop and implement audio vision for the game
  • Development and improvement of the company's sound production tools and pipeline
  • Maintain a high-level planning of the sound production.

Graphics Programmer

Programming | Quebec
  • You’ll help maintain and extend our proprietary engine on its Graphics/VFX related part (particle simulation, materials, post-process effects, rendering/lighting pipeline).
  • Debug and optimize code to hit quality and performance targets.
  • Show a strong passion for low level coding and a big interest in performance analysis.

Modding Programmer (Intermediate Tools Programmer)

Programming | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • Develop and maintain internal development tools, including our world editor and performance tools.
  • Communicate with our modding community to understand their needs
  • Write documentation for our community to help them implement their ideas


Production | Quebec
  • Handle the technical issues that come with developing and releasing a game on multiple platforms.
  • Assist with release management and corresponding pipelines.
  • Assist with the creation, estimation, and tracking of issue management.

VFX Artist

Art | Saint Petersburg
  • Creation of textures, materials and shaders.
  • Creation of VFX for environment, gameplay, cutscenes, etc.
  • Design and storyboard VFX.

International PR Manager

Dublin | Publishing
  • Create public relations (PR) strategies and manage their execution through pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases
  • Handle all incoming media requests
  • Write and edit press releases and online materials about Larian games

Web Developer

Dublin | Publishing
  • Participate in the design and implementation of PHP websites, applications, and services
  • Maintain and improve legacy code
  • Implementation and maintenance of back-end systems

Intermediate Tools Programmer

Programming | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • 3 years’ C# and .NET experience.
  • Knowledge of UI frameworks (WPF, Winforms, Qt, etc.).
  • Excellent feel for UI and tool design.

Data analyst

Programming | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • Extend and maintain our internal data collecting tools. This ranges from logs, performance data and crashes.
  • Process feedback or stats collected from our players.
  • Write tools to process, digest and present data in interactive websites.

Physics programmer

Programming | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • You’ll help maintain and extend the physics engine part of our proprietary development tool, including rigid physics, ragdolls, soft body dynamics, etc.
  • Debug and optimize code to hit quality and performance targets.
  • Show a strong passion for low level coding and a big interest in performance analysis.

Network programmer

Programming | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • Maintain and extend our network backend in our proprietary engine.
  • Extend and maintain our network profiling tools.
  • Debug and optimize code to hit quality and performance targets.

VFX Programmer

Programming | Saint Petersburg
  • Maintain and extend the VFX-related elements of our proprietary engine (particle simulation, materials, post-process effects, rendering/lighting pipeline).
  • Work closely with Art/VFX to implement top-quality visual effects and extend our library of VFX components.
  • Debug and optimize code to hit quality and performance targets/

Senior UI designer

Design | Ghent
  • Ensuring all UIs are brilliantly designed in line with the theme of the project.
  • Working with the UI team and leads to guide the development of efficient and consistent UIs.
  • Pushing the limits on UI design, visually and technically.

Technical Animator

Animation | Quebec
  • Assist prototyping efforts which would include technical risk assessment of features and work closely with gameplay programmers;
  • A knowledge of programming (MEL, Python) is considered a must; C#, C++ or others is a bonus;
  • Provide workflow-enhancing toolsets and aids as necessary such as script functionality, process documentation and ‘How-To’ Wikis;

Junior Animator

Animation | Quebec | Saint Petersburg
  • Work in a creative environment
  • Partner up with level designers in their needs to create an emotionally engaging world.
  • Understand the requirements of the game and maintain the animation style of the production title

Senior Animator

Animation | Quebec
  • Mentorship:
  • Communicate with team leadership and production:
  • Work in a creative environment:

Cinematic Director

Animation | Dublin
  • Recruit your own talented cinematic team
  • Set up the cinematic production pipeline:
  • Communicate your artistic vision across all departments:

Gameplay Scripter

Design | Saint Petersburg
  • Analyse and implement quest outlines given to you by quest designers
  • Work with the design team to solve and implement solutions to quest design problems, be it in quest logic, flow and/or pacing
  • Implement character behaviours to make the game world to come alive

Gameplay Programmer

Programming | Quebec
  • Work on all aspects of gameplay systems of the RPG: designing, developing and support
  • Work closely together with the other departments to implement the needed game components.
  • Be an active participant in the design and production of the game; the technical side of the creative team!

Senior Graphic Designer

Dublin | Publishing
  • Create a variety of marketing assets and layouts
  • Create and maintain brand guidelines
  • Work collaboratively with the Publishing team

Trailer Producer

  • Working closely with the publishing team to create a variety of marketing assets, including, but not limited to trailers, cinematic content, video showcases, screenshots
  • Using our tools to create cinematic content for trailers
  • Producing short gameplay videos for social media and Larian websites

Gameplay Programmer / Programmeur Gameplay

Programming | Quebec

QA Tester

Quality Assurance | Quebec