Narrative Designer

Vacancy available in Ghent, Belgium

We are looking for a narrative designer: someone who is intimately familiar with the process of story creation and its execution, as well as plot and character development on a grand scale. You will be tasked with working on the narrative design and implementation of our next project, linking it with our other RPG systems, and act as a mediator between the writing team and other departments such as art and code. You can critically read and edit dialog for its consistency with the overall gaming experience. You have the proven ability to read and understand 50+ pages in an hour. You have a deep understanding of what makes Original Sin 2 tick. You understand that it takes many iterations to make something good and have no problems with changing course or redoing things.


  • Narrative design

  • Character creation and development

  • Quest design

  • Story design

  • Story implementation

  • RPG systems implementation

  • Dialog editing

  • World building

  • Liaison between teams



  • At least 3 years of experience in the gaming industry. You have previously helped develop RPGs

  • Bachelor/Master degree in English language/literature, Game Design, Creative Writing, or any other relevant degree

  • Excellent English skills

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills

  • A love for fantasy and science fiction

  • A profound understanding of RPG games and systems

  • Willing to perform a number of tests so we can see if you are the right person



  • You have worked on major RPG projects

  • You are familiar with tabletop game (systems). You’ve played or served as game master.



Apply: with “Narrative Designer” in the Subject.

Submit a CV with a motivational letter in English about yourself, your work and gaming experience, and why you want to work at Larian to

Please provide examples of your past work.

Note: Applications for this role must include a portfolio (or link to a portfolio).

Applications that do not have this information will not be considered.