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A Year in Review: Larian Studios sings goodbye to the Year of the Dragon

In our music review meeting, we teased the idea of a Larian Christmas song. We wouldn’t be Larian if we didn’t go through with our ideas, so here it is. Merry Christmas!


Music review meeting with Kirill Pokrovsky

Last Friday, we had a meeting with our music composer Kirill Pokrovsky. We regularly sit down with him to review the progress he’s making on creating sketches for both Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Sketches are rough ideas for music for the games, which can be created fairly quickly without requiring an entire band or orchestra. They enable us to see whether they’re going in the right direction and if we can use them.

Here’s a four minute video of a five hour meeting with Kirill.


New hire at Larian Studios

We decided to hire a man that has hundreds of years of experience with toys and games. If this new job of his gets in the way of his traditional speedrun through Europe, well… He might be a bit late. Now you know why.

(If you don’t know who Sinterklaas is, it’s a big thing here in Belgium and Holland. He’s like our local Santa. Read up on him here.)

Sinterklaas playing Dragon Commander


Happy Halloween

If you’ve got an RPG like Divinity: Original Sin, with lots of items, and you’ve got item interaction and item combinations, it’s not a lot of work to make a Halloween video!


Divinity 2 Developer’s Cut available on Steam

Yes indeed. Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut is now available on Steam. Part of this announcement is that Steam users who had bought Divinity II: Ego Draconis or Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga will receive Divinity 2: Developer’s Cut for free!

(And before you ask: if you’ve bought Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga or Flames of Vengeance on the Larian Vault, you also got an extra download added to your games list. Check it out.)

If you’re new to the series, you can give your RPG collection an incredible boost by getting the Divinity Anthology on Steam as well.


Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition!

Larian Studios is releasing the massive Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition: a unique compilation of all 3 Divinity games + tons of thrilling extras! Order now from! More information on


Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition Released!

Larian Studios celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Divinity® RPG series with a limited release of the Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition – and a digital version is planned too!

Ten years ago Larian Studios released Divine Divinity, an RPG that grew to become one of PC GAMER’s “Top 100 Games of All Time”. Ever since then, Beyond Divinity and Divinity II have followed, continuing the legacy of ‘the RPG series with an ironic twist’. Today, the Belgian indie studio remembers the good old times with the release of a limited run of the Divinity Anthology Collector’s Edition: a unique compilation of all 3 games for which no costs were spared to produce many thrilling extras!

For more information, visit


Larian is looking for a 3D Animator!

We are looking for a motivated 3D animator to work on our new games. You will be working on in-game animations and in-game cut scenes. Interested? Have a look at the job description here.


Larian is now looking for a Communication Specialist !

Fifteen years of hard work made a few people curious as to what the studio is up to, and Larian is now looking for a Communication Specialist who could make those few people happier. Interested? Have a look at the job description here.


“Divine Divinity” Comes to Steam!

Larian’s Cult Classic RPG Now Available on Steam! “Divine Divinity” hit store shelves ten years ago, and has since become recognized as a landmark title in computer role playing games. Earlier this year, PCGAMER named it one of the 100 best games ever made for the PC, and now Larian is bringing it back to life on Steam.

Divine Divinity is now available on Steam, endorsed by some special people!


Divinity: Original Sin announced !!!

Divinity: Original Sin

We’re very happy to announce that Divinity: Original Sin is going to be the next game in the Divinity universe. Divinity: Original Sin tells the tale of two unlikely heroes – a condemned warrior released from his chains and a mystic heroine restored to life. The game features turn-based combat, cooperative multiplayer, an highly interactive world and even ships with a full-fledged modding tool. For more details, check out


Divinity Dragon Commander site is now live!

Divinity: Dragon Commander

We just launched the new website for Dragon Commander. You’ll find plenty of new screenshots as well as a feature overview there. Also, expect quite a bit of coverage and videos in the very near future. Check it out at


A new Larian RPG is coming…

We have something to announce, something we’ve been working on for almost two years. It will almost certainly come as a surprise, but we think you might be happy about what it is…


Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone. Whether you love it, hate it, or it leaves you indifferent, have a go at Easter Egg Invaders, a free iPhone game that Larian helped create. Click the image below, or click here to download it.

If you want the story behind this iPhone game, check Swen’s blog entry about this game.

Easter Egg Invaders



Larian is hiring: game designer

We are looking to reinforce our team with a game designer. Have a look at the job description here.


Game Dev Series: unboxing face motion capturing kit

This is what happens at Larian Studios on an average day of games development… But we warned: it’s pretty different from the usual gloss of the developer diaries that display politically-correct organized labor.

Read Lar’s blog post about the who what where, and especially why, of this mocap solution here.


Larian Studios is looking for a sound designer

It’s Valentine’s Day so we wanted to put some kissing smoochie smoochie sounds on our website. But we couldn’t, because we don’t have a sound designer! If you think you can sit in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g while holding your foley microphone up close and ready with one hand, pressing the record button with the other, check out our job description: right here.



Just like you, we are greatly excited to celebrate the arrival of the year of the Black Water Dragon! But did you know that this wise and powerful creature uses our Silverfire™ jetpack technology to satisfy his travel and combat needs?

Silverfire™ technology has been voted as Best Invention by both The Rivellon Times and The Dragon Commander Today, and now you, too, can have a taste of it – for FREE!

Join the Black Water Dragon, and try our superior Silverfire™ technology – sign up here for your FREE trial offer:


Larian Studios is looking for a skilled and motivated C++ programmer

The team at Larian Studios is currently seeking a skilled, motivated C++ programmer. Ideal candidates will not only be highly accomplished programmers, but will grasp the intricacies and importance of working together with artists, designers, producers and sound engineers. For more information, please visit our jobs page.