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WIN a custom-made Divinity: Dragon Commander figurine!

Do you like PC Gamer? Do you like Do you like Larian? If so, you could win this fantastic hand painted Divinity: Dragon Commander figurine. There are only 3 in existence, and all you need to is tell the world that… you like PC Gamer, GOG and Larian Studios! Easy, no? So what are you waiting for?
Head over to’s Divinity: Dragon Commander raffle page & follow the instructions to win one of these fine pieces of Dragon artwork!

The contest will run until 3.59 AM GMT on 14 October 2013.


Dragon Commander Launch Trailer Live!

The Dragon Commander launch trailer is now live. See for yourself what all the hype is about!


Ranked Dragons: Win a Cooler Master case!

With the newly implemented Ranking System in Divinity – Dragon Commander and the imminent end of our Beta period, we decided to have a little competition to commemorate the occasion.

Reach the top of the closed beta leader boards by Monday August 5th GMT 12:00 and you’ll make all of your friends jealous. If you don’t have a beta key yet, you can get on if you preorder on Steam or on the Larian Vault.

  • 1st prize: Cooler Master Dragon Commander Case
  • 2nd prize: Signed Divinity Dragon Commander Box + Signed Divinity Anthology Box
  • 3rd Prize: Divinity Dragon Commander Box

Good luck!


Larian Presents: The Main Event!
LIVE STREAM on Master vs Apprentice

“Let me tell you something, Farhang,” said Lorean. And Lorean started trash-talking. This junior QA member thinks he’s better than our lead QA expert, Octaaf. They’re gonna duke it out in two games of Divinity: Dragon Commander.

We will stream the big fight live on our channel and the rematch as well!

First Match:

TUESDAY July 9th at


THURSDAY July 11th at
11PM GMT+1


Let’s play: One turn of Divinity Dragon Commander

Curious about how Divinity: Dragon Commander plays in Single Player? Look no further! In this uncut let’s play video in which Swen, Larian Studios’ creative director, takes us through one full turn of the game. The video is about half an hour and shows all aspects of Dragon Commander so it’s definitely worth the watch!


Dragon Commander retail boxes to come with free digital backup!

We’re delighted to announce that each and every retail box of Divinity: Dragon Commander will now come with a free digital backup That way, even if you don’t have your DVD readily available, you’ll still be able to play wherever you are!


Dragon Commander release date set to August 6th 2013

Our dragons with jetpacks are still coming this summer but they needed a few more tweaks to their jetpacks. That’s why we’ve moved the release date of Divinity: Dragon Commander to 6 August 2013. Rest assured, it’ll be worth the wait!

If you’re curious what it is we’re still doing, check out our latest development update video. It has all the nitty gritty 🙂 offers timeless classic Master of Magic for free to anybody who pre-orders Divinity:Dragon Commander! will provide all the gamers who already pre-ordered Dragon Commander–and everyone who preorders the game from here on out–with a fitting gift: a timeless classic, Master of Magic, added in for free! The similarity between these two titles may not seem all that apparent–especially since Master of Magic is nearly 20 years older than Divinity: Dragon Commander, but both games have an incredible blend of strategy, roleplaying, and tactical gameplay.

Originally released in 1994, Master of Magic has introduced many innovative elements to strategy and roleplay gaming, in fact, one can find traces of some of the creative genre mash-ups from Master of Magic in Dragon Commander itself.


Kickstarter campaign successful!

In total, over US$1.000.000 was pledged via Kickstarter & Paypal (US$1.029.934 to be exact). This means that all stretch goals have been unlocked and that we are well on our way to make Divinity Original Sin our best RPG ever! Thanks go out to all our backers for making this possible!



Larian is looking for a Game Designer

Larian Studios is looking for a game designer. The ideal candidate shares our vision of what makes a good RPG and has experience in designing commercially released RPGs. For more information, please visit our jobs page.


Larian is looking for writers

Larian Studios is looking for a writer to assist our design team. The ideal candidate can adapt to our style, can work together with the team, and is a creative mastermind. For more information, please visit our jobs page.


Watch the Divinity Original Sin: Kickstarter Finale – Live Countdown with afterparty

Watch the Divinity Original Sin: Kickstarter Finale – Live Countdown with afterparty. Join us on our grand live event in celebration to a great kickstarter campaign. See just how David and Swen “cooperate” on their run through Rivellon. Ask questions, and catch a tune or two as Kirill scores the afterparty afterwards!

Watch it on our channel or watch it on the Divinity Original Sin site.

Watch live video from larianstudios on


Kickstarter campaign has only 24 hours left to go, 800k pledged

Over the last 30 days, there’s been such an avalanche of Divinity: Original Sin info that you might have missed a thing or two.
Here’s 6 things you may want to know:

1. Larian Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign to make Divinity: Original Sin the best possible CRPG. The campaign ends in 24 hours. Once the Kickstarter campaign finishes, the Paypal page will remain open for another 2 weeks.

2. Tomorrow Friday at 14:00 GMT+1 during the last 4 hours, we will be hosting a live coop play session between the creative director& the producer of the game on twitch TV

3. Divinity: Original Sin is a RPG that brings back forgotten, good old-school ideas and introduces new, modern ones, all in one package.

4. Thanks to Kickstarter the game will now feature:

  • More depth, more diversity, more interactivity
  • A homestead on the Shelter Plane At The End Of Time
  • A very cool ‘personality traits and talents’ system
  • Companions with extensive story lines

5. The game ships with the editor that was used to make the game – you can make multiplayer CRPGs with this editor– it’s been a long time since you could do this. We showed of a remake prototype of Divine Divinity, made with the editor in this movie

6. Kickstarter backers get all kinds of extras which will not be available afterwards, including:

  • The game at a much lower price
  • A free soundtrack by this man
  • Wizard trunks that talk and give their opinion on events
  • A special potion that modifies your game in a mysterious but very rewarding manner…
  • For backers at higher tiers: early access, a copy of Divinity: Dragon Commander, engraving tools with which you can mark your equipment and more…

Thanks so much! Visit our Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Campaign page!

Thanks in advance to everyone for helping us reach our audience! Your karma will benefit from this! If you want to know which beer to buy when in Belgium, contact us at


Announcing The Final Day

The kickstarter campaign has been going so well for us that we’ve been stepping up the rate of updates, and we plan to go out on a bang! In the final four hours of the Kickstarter campaign, Swen and David will be playing Divinity: Original Sin together, live on Will they co-operate? Or compete?

They will listen to your suggestions and take your questions while playing!

After the live playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin, Larian Studios will host a small party to celebrate the success of Kickstarter, featuringKirill Pokrovsky playing live. We will keep the cameras rolling!

Tune in to our channel Friday April 26th, at 13:00 GMT, 14:00 CEST, 5:00 PST, 8:00 EDT

In the meantime, our kickstarter campaign is still up and running, so go have a look at what’s happening. We’re putting up new footage,content and info about the game at a steady clip.


Kirill Pokrovsky in Private Concert and Q&A livestream

Hear ye, hear ye! The marvellous and miraculous musical magician Kirill Pokrovsky will dazzle and delight your heart and soul with the soulful music of Divinity in a divine treat for the fans. Sit down, perk up and let Kirill take you to the world of fantastic fantasia known from Divine Divinity and beyond!
In the style of a true oriental oracle, the amazing Kirill will answer any questions you may have in an extensive Q&A session.

So mark the date thursday, April 18th at 19h gmt+1 (19:00 Brussels – 18:00 London – 13:00 New York – 10:00 San Francisco – 21:00 Moscow).

Watch the Divinity Original Sin homepage, or our page for Kirill Prokrovski in private live concert and Q&A.

A little taste of things to come:


Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign: first stretch goal reached!

The first stretch goal ($500.000) has been successfully reached, the Shelter Plane at the End of Time will be added to the game! And the more we think about it, the cooler all the features of it become, and the more anxious we are to actually play around with them!

Help us reach our stretchgoals!

Our sights are now firlmy set on the next stretch goal at $650.000, so we can still use your help! If you haven’t already, please pledge and help us make Divinity Original Sin the best it can be!


Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign: help us reach our stretchgoals!

Now that Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter campaign is successfully funded, it’s time to work towards reaching our stretchgoals. Help us improve the game even more and back us now. We still have 15 days to go!
Backing the game now has never been more rewarding because we’ve also updated the backer rewards and add-ons! So, for more details, info and conversation about the game, please visit the campaign page.

Help us reach our stretchgoals!



Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter campaign: Successful!

Divinity: Original Sin has been successfully funded on Kickstarter in less than a fortnight!!! New update to celebrate, filled with goodies such as confirmed Mac/Linux support, paypal support & new add-ons. And… weresheep!!!


Divinity Original Sin looking to maximize the game

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to enhance the development of Divinity: Original Sin; an open-world RPG featuring turn-based combat, single-player and cooperative gameplay, in which the actions and choices of players have true significance and consequences. There’s a lot of potential in the game systems we’ve created so far, so we want to invest everything we can into pushing them further and unlocking their full potential. With the funds raised through Kickstarter, we wish to expand our team to create even more depth and diversity in Divinity: Original Sin.

If you wish to support us, first of all: thank you! Second of all, it’s this way: Divinity: Original Sin Kickstarter page.


Divinity Dragon Commander Voice Recordings: A Sneak Peek

We set up camp in London for a few weeks to do our voice and motion capture recordings with professional actors. Here’s a quick and very impressive look at how one of the actors brings General Catherine to life. A more in-depth report will follow soon!


Larian is looking for C++ programmers

The team at Larian Studios is currently seeking skilled, motivated C++ programmers. Ideal candidates will not only be highly accomplished programmers, but will grasp the intricacies and importance of working together with artists, designers, producers and sound engineers. For more information, please visit our jobs page.


Hot New Divinity: Dragon Commander Gameplay Trailer Heralds Launch of New Official Site

We have been keeping relatively quiet about Divinity: Dragon Commander for the past few months, but that’s all about to change, starting with a brand new gameplay trailer that answers the simple question: “What is a Dragon Commander?”

The trailer release also coincides with the launch of the new official website,, where you can learn all about the game and dive deep into the world of Divinity.


Dragon Commander at the Frag-O-Matic LAN party

For the first time ever, we took an alpha build of Dragon Commander and unleashed into the wild: we visited the largest LAN party in Belgium, Frag-O-Matic, to show off the game. Check out the video for a sneak peak of the game.