Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition – Tactician Mode Preview

Do you like your games to be challenging? Feel like nothing puts you through your paces anymore? We hear you, and because of this, our designers have painstakingly analysed and reworked the combat experience for an all-new feature, exclusive to the Enhanced Edition — Tactician Mode.

What is Tactician Mode, you ask? Let us talk with Edouard, our combat designer:


Q: How did you design the Tactician Mode?

A: For every fight, we asked our QA testers what their tactics were – how they abused this or that fight, what their tricks were, what weaknesses they exploited. We also looked at how players played online via Youtube & twitch. We then made it so that in that fight, the AI reacted to that strategy.

Q: Are there extra characters in Tactician Mode?

A: Yes. Sometimes, adding just one archer in the back makes a fight considerably harder. We also gave NPCs special arrows, potions and extra skills that they can use. Prepare for unpleasant surprises!

Q: Does the Tactician Mode feature new types of enemies?

A: Yes! The Arcane Vortex, the Nether Jester, the Enchanted Armor and all of their new friends are all eager to make your acquaintance. Some of them we liked so much, we even added them to the Classic Mode, too!

Q: Does the Tactician Mode feature new spells and skills?

A: Absolutely. We created specific enemy skills, like Iron Command, Shackles of Pain, Dark Avenger and much more! These are completely new to the game and will make you re-think your strategy…

Q: Do creatures behave differently in Tactician Mode?

A: Yes. Don’t stand too close to an explosive barrel or they will blow it up and you with it; take out that Aeromancer before he teleports you into that puddle of lava, or watch in horror as this Undead Priest actively dispels your much needed Regeneration effect. You’re in for a bumpy ride!

Q: What else changed in Tactician Mode?

A: Because new spells, new creatures & redesigned encounters weren’t enough, we also added environmental objects such as Bloated Corpses, Unstable Void Crystals, Poisonous Mushrooms… Use them against your enemy or perish as they use them against you!

Tactician Mode is one of the new additions to Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition and you can experience all of them for yourself when the Enhanced Edition is released on PC, Xbox and PS4 on October 27th. 


Check out the gallery below for some examples (click for bigger version):


The Cursed Servants 

A mysterious mage calls forth undead servants to impede your progress! Here, in Classic Mode, you’ll have a mere three of them to defeat – but in Tactician Mode, it’s going to be a different story. Their equipment and abilities may also be a bit different…



The Zealous Guardian 

In Classic Mode, this undead swordsman will hack you to pieces with his two-handed sword. In Tactician Mode, he can also lay down a very interesting sort of trap… From which you’ve got exactly one turn to get away! Unless the new arrows we’ve given his archer friends turn you into a pincushion before that…



The Landing 

Who are these mysterious, heavily armoured warriors partaking in the assault in Tactician Mode? They can jump above cliffs, cutting your retreat! Also, it seems that a new Oil Barrel has been added… Surely, should you stand too close to it, that Orc Shaman over there wouldn’t dare throw a fireball at it, now would he?



The King of the Frozen Plains

What is this cute, small new creature that the king now summons? A Fire Ward? What does it do? Is it dangerous? Are there more like it? More importantly – wasn’t a whole group of elemental monsters more than enough?



Eight-Legged Wonders

So we thought, it’s a huge spider, it’s great, who doesn’t like huge spiders? And then we thought, wouldn’t that be fantastic if, in Tactician Mode, that spider could weave a toxic web around your party’s location, making them all choke in a poison cloud? And wouldn’t that be fantastic if, knowing that some of its broodlings were explosive, it would use them to blow all your characters to Nemesis? Yes, we thought! It would be wonderful!