Divinity: Original Sin One Year Anniversary Competition

Today marks exactly one year since we released Divinity: Original Sin, which went on to be the biggest hit in Larian history! (Well, so far…)

To celebrate 365 days of adventuring, looting, and kicking undead… coccyx, we’re running a competition to see which of you brave adventurers know the game the best. To be in with a chance to win one of five copies of the game, just answer ONE of the five questions below!


  1. What is Gorgombert? 
  2. The most famous trunks in Rivellon are…?
  3. Who invented the SparkMaster 5000?
  4. What are the groupies of the famous wizard Bellegar known as?
  5. How many words of dialogue have been recorded so far for Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition?


Just send your answer, along with your name, age, and contact email address, to contest@larian.com before midnight tonight (30th June) and you could be in with a chance to win a copy of Divinity: Original Sin!


Thank you for participating in our anniversary contests – Congratz to Eva, Eser, Helen, Joon and Dawid! Please check your email!