GOG.com: It’s time to welcome a new wave of adventurers to Rivellon!

We've just launched Divinity: Original Sin 2 on GOG.com as part of their Games In Development program! This In Development version of the game will include Act 1 of the campaign, which will see you orchestrating a daring escape from a horrifying prison camp, the PVP arena, as and plenty of the goodies what you can look forward to in the final version of the game.

With new and improved combat, four-person multiplayer, five races to choose from, four origin stories, and a new tag system that lets you create a back-story that really impacts how you interact with the world, we think there's plenty here for you all to get excited about.

Obviously, we're thrilled to welcome a new horde of gamers to enjoy the Divinity: Original Sin 2, but we also hope you're going to find new and exciting ways to break the game. If you do, please let us know on our Suggestions and Feedback forum, so we can tweak and improve it as we go, making a bigger and better game for you with every iteration.

So head to GOG.com, and discover why it's time for a new Divinity.