It’s here! Divinity: Original Sin 2 is now out!

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this game, and we are so, so excited to see what the world makes of it.

It’s been an incredible journey, but of course none of this would be possible without the support we’ve had along the way. Our unending thanks go out to each and every one of the 42,713 Kickstarter backers who put their faith in us two years ago, and to every player who  explored Fort Joy during last year’s Early Access. Without your trust and feedback none of this would have been possible.

But of course, the journey’s not over. Indeed, for you, it’s just beginning…

  • Cruffledoh

    Congrats to the Team! Can’t wait to start adventuring!!!

  • Daniel_Scroggs

    Looking to play Co-Op Split screen with my wife today for the “BIG” patch; cannot seem to figure it out so thought I would see if any developers could help us out?!? kthx it was easy on your enhanced original #1…

  • Daniel_Scroggs

    Ok so seems that have to setup steam controller to work through steam big picture; i suppose it was not loading the controller version of game at launch.

  • A_Good_Friend

    You are the best !!!

  • John

    So many thanks for the hard work! It is absolutely beautiful. Where can I make a few suggestions?? Let’s start with the Items screen. I have to move EVERY desk to the map to see what it is going to look like. We need a preview section at the top of the list (exactly where the two spots are for the active music in the music section is located!). Next, I love all the sounds available! BUT I would be spending my entire effort as DM just keeping up with every opening/closing door and drop of clothing! PLEASE make these automatic! Make all standard sounds automatic (or not – make this a check box in the main Audio control area) then put a check box in each items Manage Item screen so if I decide to have a particular door be silent I can just check the box. If you want to really put in some customization allow each item a variety: soft, normal, loud and Wake The Dead!! This way the DMs of the world don’t have to spend any time on the standard sounds of our world and we can modify the sounds as necessary and we only need to add subtle or extra sounds. (every door should creak, every explosion should go BOOM, every trap should snap, every dying cat should cry out, etc., but let us sneak in an unseen door closing.

  • Florian Guillaud (ZeN)

    Thanks so much Larian … Thank you … really.
    Continue to make great games ! I wish you the best.
    I hope to be part of your team one day … :’)

  • Aldiggy2000 .

    Swen is an awesome human being and Larian is an amazing company! Thank you for bringing these types of games back to our modern times. Both 1 and 2 are masterpieces

  • Georg Lothar Korch

    The passion, the spirit of this company makes me happy.
    As an old grumpy gamer (55 years), i love to see that quality and deep gameplay is back. And is well received.
    You deserve any dollar you earn.
    Please, dont loose this awesome mindset. Take a well deserved break, but keep going.
    You can feel the fantastic spirit in this picture, all the best, make me happy again in a few years.
    I count on you.

  • largejack

    I bet that grey haired guy in the centre (who obviously the rest of the team deeply love and respect) played plenty of D&D in his time, and this game proves it.

  • James Beall

    I hope you will be coming out with a PS4 and Xbox One version. Likely release date?

  • Junior Punck

    I want to play this game with my friends , but they do not speak english ! please translate to portuguese Brazil !!

  • Sven Waidelich

    Divinity original sin is awesome, thank you for this great Game, can’t wait for Divinity 2 on PS4. Continue to make this awesome coop games. I love it to play it with my friends.

  • Julia Carson

    I just finished playing the demo version on Xbox One and I love it!
    The characters and storyline are amazing, as always. I did have one quick thought though– it would be slightly more convenient if, once you’ve met and recruited a party member, they then were all in the same location in Fort Joy. I like to try to play with each party member in my group, but it was kind of a pain to go searching around for where I first met them, especially when I just wanted to check in and see if they had any new information.
    Other than that though, I loved it! I can’t wait for August when I get to see how it all ends!

    PS. Thanks for the awesome hairstyles! No one does good female hairstyles as well as you guys do. Which actually reminds me, I would love an option to hide the characters helmets, but its not a deal-breaker by any means.

    Thanks again for all your creativity and hard work!

  • Il frenk

    please do the italian translation for ps4. it is too beautiful divinity 2. at least subtitled.

  • Il frenk

    È un gioco stupendo è migliorato moltissimo dal primo divinity ma purtroppo non riesco a giocare. Non capisco molto bene la lingua inglese . Vi prego fate un aggiornamento per ps4 per avere i sottotitoli in italiano. Avete moltissimi fan e appassionati del genere in Italia che aspettano questa cosa . Fateci avere delle buone notizie . Grazie siete grandi !!!