Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Kickstarter FAQ

  • When is Divinity: Original Sin 2 going to be released?
  • We plan to release Divinity: Original Sin 2 in late 2016. Of course, this date may be changed as our plans evolve! Any delays to the game will be announced in a timely manner, but late 2016 is the deadline we’re aiming for. We’re currently about a year into development, having started work on it right after the release of Divinity: Original Sin.
  • For which platforms will Divinity: Original Sin 2 be available?
  • Right now, we’re focusing on Windows only. Additional platforms may be announced in the future. Believe us, it’s not that we’re not interested in producing a version for Mac/Linux/Console, it’s just that we want to get the gameplay and world fleshed out in all the detail that it needs first. Once we have the game fully worked out, we’ll start looking at porting it to other platforms. That’s not something that’ll happen during the Kickstarter or indeed this year. But – and it’s an important but – we do have most things in place to support several other platforms, since we are starting work from the Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition engine. We just don’t want to make any promises yet.
  • In which languages will Divinity: Original Sin 2 be available?
  • We plan to release in English, with French, German, and Russian subtitles. We may be announcing extra languages later in the development process.
  • Will Divinity: Original Sin 2 support controllers?
  • Yes, the game will support a wide range of PC-compatible controllers, including Xbox One and PS4 controllers.
  • Will Divinity: Original Sin 2 have couch co-op and split screen support?
  • Yes, the game will work seamlessly with two players in split screen. In addition, the game will support online play via Steam and GOG Galaxy, as well as LAN play.
  • Will Divinity: Original Sin 2 have full voiceover?
  • It’s unlikely that DOS2 will be fully voiced. While we’d like to voice everything, this is a game with exponentially more dialogue options than Divinity: Original Sin (the recording of which took seven straight months!), and we don’t think there’s any way we can voice it all with the resources we expect to have. We’ve tripled the size of our writing team, so we’re looking at at least three times more content to record.
  • Will Divinity: Original Sin 2 have a day & night cycle?
  • No, we have no plans to introduce a day and night cycle. What we’re trying to do at the narrative & scripting level is really complicated, so to even contemplate adding yet another extra dimension of complexity to that gives us a headache. The impact of the player origins combined with a higher level of freedom than the already insane amount of freedom you had in Divinity: Original Sin, added to the options required for multiplayer mode already means that our development is going to be hugely complex. Until we tame all of that, we won’t add an extra layer. Perhaps for another game, but definitely not for this one.
  • How will character creation work in Divinity: Original Sin 2?
  • Character creation is still something of a work in progress, but essentially you will choose your origin story, and then build your character based on that. You’ll be able to choose your race, appearance, stats, and more! The number of available characters from which you’ll be able to choose is still under discussion, but we’re hoping to give you a wide range of origin stories to work with, so that each journey through the game will be very different, depending on your choice of characters for your party, and the choices you then make within the game.
  • Considering the work that is being put into co-operative play, how will this affect the single-player experience?
  • At the start of a single-player game, you pick one character and determine your starting stats, race, and origin story. You’ll also be able to choose up to three companions, each of whom is just as detailed as the character you’re playing, with their own origin story and motivations. In terms of the narrative development for the companions, in single-player that will depend on the actions of the main character. In multi-player, the other players decide that.
  • We’ve found that the emphasis on competitive questing in Divinity: Original Sin 2 makes the single-player experience much better than its predecessor. We’re focusing on making the narrative even more engaging – and that translates directly into a really fantastic single-player experience. You might not spend your time stabbing your friends in the back, but all of the content and freedom that makes the multiplayer experience so strong is still present when you’re playing on your own.
  • Do you plan to release a physical copy of Divinity: Original Sin 2?
  • No, all versions of the game available in Kickstarter will be digital, and the finished version should be the same. We’re trying to avoid physical DVDs, as it makes patching the game an awful lot harder. Not shipping a physical disc means that we can update the game easily, which means more developer time spent on features, allowing us to make a better game.
  • If we back the Original Sin Pack, do we have to wait until December 2016 to get a key for Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition?
  • No. Don’t worry, if you back the Original Sin Pack, (or any pack that includes a copy of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition) you’ll get your key for the Enhanced Edition as soon as it’s released, which is planned for October of this year.
  • What is the difference between the original Divinity: Original Sin and the new Enhanced Edition?
  • The Enhanced Edition refers to an imminent new version of Divinity: Original Sin (which was originally released in 2014). You can read more on it here: http://www.divinityoriginalsin.com/blog.php…
  • If I back Divinity: Original Sin 2 and I want to get my copy on GOG, will I still have Alpha/Beta access?
  • You’ll definitely be able to access the Alpha/Beta through Steam (and hopefully through GOG too, but we’re working on that at the moment and it’s not 100% certain). However, the Alpha/Beta access that you choose won’t affect which version of the game you get when it ships. So, you can access the Alpha/Beta through Steam and then get the final game on GOG.com if you want.
  • Will there be add-ons?
  • This is currently under consideration, but we don’t have any more details at this point in time.
  • Are you hiring?
  • We’re always on the lookout for new talent! See here for more:
  • http://larian.com/jobs/


  • Triv1um

    Without sounding negative, I would like to know why this wasn’t just a DLC for DOS:1.
    It hasn’t really had much of a “life” in terms of additional support (I know you have been patching it like mad). I don’t really see enough of a difference in the game itself.
    Would anyone care to enlighten me why its a worthy sequal and not just an add-on?

    PS. I’m still backing and eagerly awaiting release. I love your work.

    • Lycanthrope

      That’s like saying Fallout: New Vegas should’ve been DLC due to the fact that it used the same engine as Fallout 3.

      Simply put: it’s a different game.

      • Triv1um

        At least Fallout 3 was supported with its 5 add-ons during its life before New Vegas was released. The release of New Vegas seemed more acceptable because Fallout 3 had such a good life.
        I hate to feel that DOS:1 was a fully priced game that was made just to test the waters.

        • itsboshytime

          D:OS has well over 70 hours of gameplay and D:OS 2 will probably have around the same or more. You can’t really say you haven’t got your money’s worth out of the original game , nor can you reasonably expect to get a dlc the size of the original game or even more.

          • Triv1um

            Yeah I guess that’s a fair point well made.
            I guess I’m just salty due to the fact I have no real reason to go back to dos1.

          • itsboshytime

            Well you will have reason to replay DOS 1 when the enhanced edition comes out this year. I know that’s what I will do. They said there will be new quests, new characters and revamped gameplay so that’s the closest thing to a DLC we will get and it will be completely free so there is that/

    • northensnow

      Whatever your opinions or standards may be, making it a DLC of D:OS1 would accomplish nothing aside from severely limiting the potential backers to a subset of the people who owned D:OS1, not to mention the scope of the game itself.

  • Fantasm

    Can you please clarify whether MP players are able to join your game with a character they create, or must they play as one of the game’s companions? I’ve seen mixed responses to this question, and I think it’s a key consideration in determining whether your MP functionality is completely borked…

  • David Neurdenburg

    Does that also include the Steam Controller?