Kickstarter Update 11 – Meet the Quebec Team, Our Reddit AMA, TwitchCon, and Single Player!

Où est Swen? 

Today’s update is brought to you not from our Black Gated home base in Gent, Belgium, but from our brand-new studio in Quebec City, Canada. Thrown straight into the fray from the get-go, the Quebec team took the lead in developing the prototype level for Divinity: Original Sin 2. They soon found themselves knee-deep in level design, arena combat, competitive questing, fine-tuning the single player experience and more. The results were very impressive indeed, so have a look at today’s video if you’d like to see the goings-on in Larian’s newest office across the pond.


AMA happening right now. 

Do you have a burning question that you want to put to our team? Now’s your chance! In just a few moments Swen, our lead writer Jan, writer Char, and level designer Jeff will be on Reddit to answer your questions about Divinity: Original Sin 2, the Kickstarter campaign, their favourite breakfast cereals, and anything else you’d like to know! If you want to get more information about your favourite feature, suggest something that you think would be great in the new game, or just to say hi, then this is your chance! To have your say, head to at 1pm PST (4pm New York/ET, 9 pm London/GMT, 22hr Gent/CET , 23hr Moscow/MSK). 


Catch the team at TwitchCon! 

Reddit AMA isn’t enough for you? Maybe you want to play the game, meet us, and have your questions answered face-to-face? Then get down to San Francisco, where our team will be at TwitchCon to show off the latest build of Divinity: Original Sin 2. Drop by, say hello, and (if you’re feeling brave) take on our PvP Arena with a member of our team by your side! As ever, we’ll have updates from the floor, and lots more! 

Flying Solo

Since we’ve launched the campaign, one of the biggest questions that we’ve been getting is “will the single-player experience will be as in-depth and interesting as multiplayer?”. The answer is – of course 🙂

We know it can be hard to get four friends together to regularly play through something as long and in-depth as a Divinity game. So, while we’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the multiplayer experience, we haven’t forgotten that it’s important that the single player game is just as engaging and fun.

The secret we discovered with Divinity: Original Sin 1 is that allowing for cooperative multiplayer in the manner we do it enriches the single player experience tremendously.

Every time we try to wrap our heads around the different possibilities of a quest designed for multiplayer, we’re able to go and feed all of that extra content back into the world, which means it’s all right there for you when you walk up with a single player party.

It also adds a huge amount of roleplaying to the world. Thanks to the multiplayer effort, each of your companions can interact with the world as if they were your main character with dialog options that correspond with their origin story. So if you have an elf in your party, it might be more interesting to interact with an elven ancestor tree using your elf rather than your dwarven warrior. But if you interact with your dwarven warrior, you will get different reactions.

While this is all very cool, we did make sure that your main character still remains special. If the advanced relationship system gets in, then you’ll be able to roleplay the relationship options from the viewpoint of your main character, but not from the viewpoint of your companions. That ensures your relationship decisions feel weighty and that you can’t manipulate your companions.

The same goes for persuasion. Persuasion dialogs pop up whenever members of the party have different opinions. We obviously have a large range of persuasion options available in multiplayer and each party member will have its say. In single player however these options will not appear. Instead, the companions will state what they they think is the right course of action depending on their own beliefs and perhaps also the relationship with the main character.

With regards to competitive questing, it’s not so that your companions will go off on their own. There’s a number of PVP things that will be limited to multiplayer and that won’t pop up in single player. However, the fact that we have competitive questing ensures that there’s a broad spectrum of options available to your party in single player, more so than would ordinarily be the case.

Shoutout to IronOak Games’ For the King.

As ever, we’re excited to see other studios doing new and interesting things in the RPG world, and one of those studios is IronOak Games! Their game, For the King, is up on Kickstarter right now. It works in single-player or multiplayer and gives you fantastic freedom to explore together or separately (something we’re obviously very enthusiastic about!), and has an art style that we are really, really enjoying.

They seem to have a great focus on quality content and game design, and it looks like a game that we could enjoy for a very long time. Check them out at and, if you like what you see, show them some love!