Kickstarter Update 14 – The finish line is in sight!


We’re coming up to the end of our Kickstarter, and Swen has just finished his last conference of the campaign. If you were lucky enough to be at TwitchCon, you might have bumped into him and some of our team showing off Divinity: Original Sin 2. We’ve had a lot of fun on Twitch with some great streamers over the last couple of weeks, and it was great to be right in the heart of that during TwitchCon. So much so, that we’re having our own Twitch marathon! 

Two Days & Counting – Twitchathon 



The last 24 hours is a busy time for any Kickstarter campaign, and we’re definitely not making it easy for ourselves! We’re going to be delivering hours of content, streamed live on Twitch to give you an unprecedented level of access to our offices, our devs, and our plans for the game. Our Twitch marathon will include a range of DevLines that will discuss Strategist Mode, the editor that the game will ship with, the Enhanced Edition and what it’s development brings to D:OS 2, and will even include a DevStorm: where we brainstorm your Uservoice ideas and see which will be best to implement in the game. (So if you’ve not had a chance to look at our Uservoice forum yet, get over there and get voting for whips, character customisation, and whatever else you want to see in the game!)

Of course, fun, informative talks are all well and good, but when it comes to entertainment value, nothing really tops blood sports. That’s why we’re hosting a series of Arena Battles for your viewing pleasure! Twitch Streamers will duke it out, RPG Watch and RPG Codex fight for the honour of who gets the most prominent place when their names are shown at the start of D:OS 2, and then we’ll finish it all off with a Larian civil war, as the Gent, St. Petersburg, Dublin, and Quebec teams face off in a vicious four-way contest to see who is the most Divine of them all.

We’ll also be hosting a “Best of Divinity” retrospective on the whole series, to remind you of the story so far. 

To see what’s going down and when you can catch it all, head to our Twitch page for the full schedule!

Editor Support

With your tremendous support over the campaign, we’ve knocked another stretch goal out of the park. Between your contributions on Kickstarter and Paypal, we’ve passed the $1.65 millionmark, which means we can fence off an entire team to work full-time on providing you with an editor that’ll make creating your own levels so much easier. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make with such a powerful tool, but first we have to build it. And that’s where we need your help. 

If this is a tool that you’re going to be using a lot (and we hope you are!), then it needs to be designed with you in mind. So, you have two missions: 1) get over to the Larian forums and let us know what you want from our new editor, and 2) tune in to the DevLine tomorrow and give us your feedback live as we discuss our plans for a modding tool that will give you an enhanced dialog editor, easier navigation, and which balances power and usability. Check out the Larian Twitch Page for full details. 

I believe in a thing called Love/Hate

In fact, we didn’t just blitz the $1.6 million mark, we’ve even hit $1.75 million which means we’ve also achieved our Love/Hate stretch goal! We’ll have more details on this very soon, but suffice to say that we’re really excited about the possibilities that this opens up in the game: from bitter rivalries to love to true bromance!

Need More Divinity? 

We’re nearly out of time on Kickstarter, so if you want to grab a few extra goodies, this is your chance! Below is a list of Add-Ons that you can get to enhance your pledge. So, if you want the game and an amazing hoodie, but don’t want the lore books that come with the higher tiers, you’d better grab them while you can! Full list of Add-Ons and instructions to claim them is below. 

So how do you get Add-Ons? Just adjust your pledge and add the appropriate amount for the add-on that you want (remembering to add shipping costs if your pledge now includes a physical item). When the campaign is over, we’ll need a little while to set up a system to manage pledges, but then we’ll be in touch and you’ll be able to specify exactly what add-ons you wanted when you increased your pledge.

Remember, shipping must be added to all pledges that include a physical item, whether it’s an add-on or included in the tier itself. Shipping costs are $10 US / $10 Canada / $15 EU / $20 Rest of World. See below to see how that’s applied.


If you ordered the earlybird “Divine Dibs” tier ($25), your total pledge should be $25.

If you ordered the earlybird “Divine Dibs” tier ($25), but want the hoodie as an add-on ($75) and live in the USA ($10 shipping) your total pledge should be $110 ($25 tier + $75 add-on + $10 shipping)

If you ordered the Assassin’s Shroud tier ($100) and live in the US, then your total pledge should be $110 ($100 tier + $10 shipping because the tier includes a physical item)

If you ordered the Assassin’s Shroud tier ($100), live in the US, and want a hardcover lore book as an add-on ($25), then your total pledge should be $135 ($100 tier + $25 add-on + $10 shipping, because you only pay shipping once). 

Stuff We Love 

Of course, just because we’re very focused on our own campaign doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other great Kickstarters out there to distract us! First Wonder is one of those games, and from the demo it sounds like they have a lot of really cool ideas to play with. An open world that you have to investigate and explore in order to find clues, and then take on a monster through a variety of traps and strategies that you can approach from a range of different angles? With that level of freedom, it sounds like a game after our own hearts! It looks like it could be a gorgeous world to explore on your own, and a whole lot of fun to play with friends, so do check it out. If you like what you see, then consider pledging and, of course, tell your friends!