Kickstarter Update 15 – The Final Dash Towards GM Mode!

This is it — we’re into the final 24 hours of what has been an absolutely incredible Kickstarter Campaign. It’s been a wonderful experience for all of us, but we’re not done yet. We’re throwing everything we’ve got into the last 24 hours, so get ready for a day of brainstorms, battles, and brilliant video!

Hours of Streaming!

To celebrate this amazing campaign, we’re inviting you all into our offices for the better part of a day of streaming on Twitch. We’re going to be brainstorming your ideas with you live on camera, and we want you there to help us make Divinity: Original Sin 2 a game that surpasses even our expectations. There might even be some special guests dropping into the brainstorm to give us their thoughts on the game.  

But maybe creative brainstorming isn’t your thing? Maybe you’re just here for senseless violence? Well don’t you worry, we’ll also have gladiatorial combat between the Larian Offices in our new Arena Mode! There’ll also be a Devline show where we’ll talk about the editor and modding tools that will ship with the game, let’s plays of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (and discussions of what it will bring to D:OS 2), and much more. See the schedule below for all the details, or just head over to our Twitch channel to join in the fun!


The Larian Arena Champion from the Gent Office
The Larian Arena Champion from the Gent Office


See the schedule below for all the details, or just head over to our Twitch channel to join in the fun!

Twitch Schedule



Tuesday 29th  

15:00 CEST 

Best of Divinity: The best moments from previous Divinity games ~ featuring Swen, David, Jan.

17:00 CEST 

Editor & Modding Devline: A peek at what to expect from members of our design team ~ featuring Swen, Jeff, Joa, Bert.

18:00 CEST 

Let’s Play Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition. Mixed with discussion with members of the team about their favourite things in the Enhanced Edition ~ featuring David & other members of the team.

20:00 CEST

Watch the titans battle! RPG Codex versus RPG Watch send their finest gladiators into battle for the glory of the title screen.

22:00 CEST

Devstorm 1! Live devline to brainstorm various ideas that have come in from user voice and our forums for improving the game while we play the prototype. Featuring Swen, Jeff (level design), Joa (art), Slava (dev), Jan (writer), Char (writer) & more. Look out for any special guests that might drop by!

24:00 CEST

Larian takes a nap

Wednesday 30th

9:00 CEST

Strategist Mode: Showcase of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition tactician mode with the men who know more about it than anyone else on earth ~ featuring Edouard & Nick.

11:00 CEST

Pre-Battle Hype Stream with Q&A ~ featuring all of our offices.

12:00 CEST

The Grand Inter-Larian Battle! Champions from each of the four Larian offices battle it out for bragging rights and first dibs on the cheese platter at the Christmas Party ~ featuring Nick, Matt, and TBD Dublin and St. Petersburg champions.

14:00 CEST 

Devstorm 2! A second round to get to any questions and ideas we didn’t catch the first time round as we count down to the big moment ~ featuring EVERYONE! 

The Last 24 hours – Two more stretch-goals achieved – Only one left now!

Achieved – Love & Hate 

Yesterday we smashed through the Love & Hate goal, and we’re very excited about what this is going to bring to the game. We’re working on building a system of intercharacter relationships that will let us explore everything from harsh rivalries to passionate romances to friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ll be talking more about what impact relationships will have on D:OS 2 in our Devstorm later today (23:00 Moscow, 22:00 Berlin, 9pm London, 5pm NYC, 2pm San Francisco), so tune in to our Twitch Channel to hear all the details and give us your feedback live!

Achieved – Shapeshifting Mask 

But we didn’t just smash through Love/Hate! With our combined Kickstarter and Paypal funds, we’ve also just hit the Shapeshifting Mask stretch goal! This will mean a brand new game feature, a Shapeshifting Mask, will be added. This will be a carefully balanced addition to the game, as it’s important to us that it works with, rather than replaces, the origin stories and tagging systems that we’ve spent so much time developing over the past months.

Swen will be on hand with our lead writer Jan to talk more about what we can expect from the mask, so tune in at 22:00 CEST (23:00 Moscow, 9pm London, 5pm NYC, 2pm San Francisco) to catch them live in our first of two Larian Devlines and let us know what you think! Click here for more details.

Up Next – Games Master Mode 

We’ve only got one stretch goal left — but what a goal! If we hit $2 million, you’ll be able to enjoy our Game Master mode, something that goes far beyond anything else we’ve tried in a Divinity game. With GM mode, you’ll be able to craft your own dungeons and then control them as your friends play through them, placing enemies on the fly, manipulating the environment, and doing everything you can to screw them over. (Or give them an in-depth, personalised gaming experience. If you’re one of these “reasonable” people.)

This is only made possible by your support which let us hit the Dedicated Modding Team stretch goal, and we hope that with your continued support (tell your friends!) we’ll be able to make this really, really cool feature a reality. 

 We’ll be dedicating an entire hour to talking about modding and Game Master mode, so tune in at 17:00 CEST (18:00 Moscow, 4pm London, 11am NYC, 8am San Francisco) to hear what we have in store for you. Click here for more! 

Ouija Board Sent to the Hall of Echoes


The only folks that'll be using the Ouija Board
The only folks that’ll be using the Ouija Board


One of the more controversial Kickstarter rewards was the Ouija board that came with the Collector’s Edition tier. It’s divided the community to such a degree that we decided to hold a vote on whether or not we should keep it. The majority said that they’d prefer a different reward, but the final nail in its occult coffin came when we found out that the name and design of a Ouija board are actually trademarked and patented. The last thing we’d want is to violate a copyright, so we’re turning to you, our dear backers, for your advice.

What would you like to see as a reward to replace the Ouija Board? We’ve created a UserVoice page where you can vote on the ideas that you like, or suggest your own! For more details, click here.