Kickstarter Update 16 – Last Chance!

T-Minus Three Hours!

This is it, your very last chance to pledge to the campaign before it ends! If you’ve been holding back until now, then your time has come. Larian is currently a hive of activity spread across four countries as the final hours tick by — we’ll continue livestreaming on Twitch right until the very end, and we’ve dispatched the final reminder emails to those who starred our campaign on Kickstarter.

Coming up in the last few hours, we’ll be having our Grand Larian Inter-team battle, where we’ll find out which of our bases will become the supreme champion. Once a victor has emerged, we’ll launch straight into part two of our Devstorm, which will last right until the final grains of sand slip through the hourglass. Everyone will be available to jump in and chat — who knows who’ll make an appearance?

The Best of the Campaign

As things wind down, it’s inevitable that we’ll get a little reflective; the past five weeks have been a lot of work, but a lot of fun also. Here are some of our favourite highlights and memorable moments from throughout the campaign:

Our original funding target was annihilated

The first highlight came earlier than any of us could have possibly anticipated, when we blew past our original funding goal in less than twelve hours! We were so overwhelmed that we had to play catch-up in order to get our stretch goals ready — a high class problem if there ever was one!


A warm welcome from around the world

Our Kickstarter campaign was met with a warm welcome from highly-respected sources throughout gaming journalism and the blogosphere. Here’s just a sample of the reactions:

‘…this sequel has some wild new ideas and ambitions far beyond the scope of the already-impressive first game’ — Polygon

‘It’s exactly what I wanted from a sequel’ — Rock Paper Shotgun

‘I can’t help but think that another Kickstarter success could help make Divinity: Original Sin 2 one of the most engaging RPGs to date’ — PC Gamer


Our ever-dedicated Kickstarter commenters

We’ve had questions, debates, jokes, and discussions including (but certainly not limited to) the weather, cheese, and of course the game itself. Our campaign would have been a far less memorable experience had it not been for the funny, insightful and supportive input of our beloved Kickstarter commenters. Here’s just a sample from over 19,000 comments:

‘@Larian Ohhh soo Devin is actually a real person? Cool. I thought Devin was the name of some sheep or Bellegar’s pet chicken. Or something. xD’ — DrunkenTofu

‘I’ve made my own cottage cheese before. Sometimes by accident :)’ — Warpower

‘I’ve made alcohol by accident a few times. Always remember to put your no-preservatives fruit juice back in the fridge, kids.’ — Quotestar

‘Not coming fast enough ! I AM HUNGRY! Feed me with glorious mighty updates, Larian !’ — Dr.Koin – Lazy Weresheepbird of norD

‘@Larian-Devin-Not-Devin – Congrats on reaching 1 mil. It’s unsurprising but well deserved!’ — Igal

Dawn of the Devins

Who could have predicted that our campaign would bring about the formation of a new cult? Expect representatives knocking on your door in the near future, asking for a moment to talk about the Church of Devinity.

Greetings, Mr. Avellone

As Swen outlined in a previous update, the notion of bringing Chris Avellone on board wasn’t on our radar until it gained traction as a suggestion online. Fast forward a few weeks, and the man himself is signed up to contribute to the story and characters of Divinity: Original Sin 2! It just goes to show what can be achieved with a robust online community and strong feedback between us and our supporters.



We’ve been bowled over by the level of support that we’ve received over the course of our campaign, but we’ve also been reminded of the other talented developers out there who are seeking to make their future games a reality. In the spirit of the Kickstarter community, we’ve been proud to help promote these other worthy ventures. Many of these campaigns are still live and still in need of support, so we’d urge you to check them out:

Last Shout-outs

Our final Kickstarter shout-out is Battletech, by Harebrained Schemes! They’ve already been a massive success in less than an hour, and we’d strongly urge you all to check out their page!



Also a shout out to Thunder Lotus Games, who released Jotun yesterday!