Kickstarter Update #23: Larian Studios at PAX East!

It’s that time of year again! As the footsteps of marathoners fade, Boston welcomes thousands of PAX-goers into its loving arms — us among them!


Check out some footage from the Pax East show floor and how Thomas is taking big risks. 


Quite some time has passed since the last time players got their hands on Divinity: Original Sin 2, and a lot has changed in the meantime. We’ve been working hard to prepare something really fun for you guys, so come pay us a visit.

We’ll be showing off the new evolved combat system of Divinity: Original Sin 2. We’ve made a PVP arena where players can challenge each other (or us for that matter) to an epic session of tactical turn-based combat. We’re showing  three maps, each made exclusively for Pax. It’s just a small demo of the whole game, but a highly addictive one.

What’s new? 

The demo showcases some of Divinity: Original Sin 2’s new features, including new skills, elemental interactions, and art. Use your Source powers to bless or curse surfaces, and make use of vertical combat to pick off enemies from a vantage point.


In Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can use ladders, ledges, and floors to your advantage in combat.
In Divinity: Original Sin 2, you can use ladders, ledges, and floors to your advantage in combat.


When and where?

You can find us at booth #10224 all three days of PAX.

Let’s sweeten the pot…

We’ve got all kinds of swag you can collect and there’s a chance to win some awesome prizes, from a PS4 and signed copies of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition, to lanyards, pins, and t-shirts.

Come find us at booth #10224 to get your hands on the goods!
Come find us at booth #10224 to get your hands on the goods!


Here’s how you collect the loot: 

Visit the booth and receive one of five pins featuring Divinity: Original Sin 2 characters.
Try the game and answer some questions in our survey and get a lanyard.
Post on social media with the #dos2 hashtag and something related to the game or display or our cosplayer, and get a t-shirt.
Win a match  to get your hands on the exclusive sixth character pin collectible.
Win our daily raffle to take home a PlayStation 4 and a signed copy of Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition for PS4. To enter, ask one of the cosplayers or team members running the booth.

Who will be there?

If you stop by, be sure to say hi to Swen & the other members of the team currently working onDivinity: Original Sin 2. We also have several cosplayers attending  including Bishop Alexandar, the Magister, and an elf from the Livewood forests. Challenge the team to a  match while you’re there!

Not going to PAX?
Never fear! Some great channels will be hosting live-streams and videos of the game. Check out the line-up below:
Friday, April 22- HotPapperGaming (YouTube)

Saturday, April 23- Eat My Diction (YouTube)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday (April 22-24) – Bikeman (Twitch, 3 p.m. EST)

Missives from GOG

Integration with the Galaxy is live!

Those of you who purchased Divinity: Original Sin on GOG will now be able to enjoy integration with GOG Galaxy, meaning you’ll have access to achievements, plus public and private lobbies. Invite your friends (or a stranger) to a game and enjoy!

Not familiar with GOG Galaxy? You can learn more here.

While we’re at it, take 50% off!

Try Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition on (GOG now for 50% off)! If you have any friends who’ve been on the fence about trying the game, this is news worth sharing.

Pick an NPC, courtesy of GOG

During our Kickstarter campaign, the folks over at GOG supported one of our high-level tiers and earned the right to design their very own NPC. But they’ve done us one better, and their community has three great characters to choose from. They worked together with our team to bring these characters to life, and now they want you to choose which will end up in the game. 

Head over here to cast your vote!

Your choices are:

Doryld “The Doryld” Surpass

On a soapbox in a town square, madman Doryld “The Doryld” Surpass, messiah-in-his-own-head, proclaims his divinity and rallies his (non-existent) followers to his side. He is the new Divine! His audience of three, two of whom are drunk (the other may be you), ask for proof of his powers. He resists. They insist. He deflects – only the true Divine would say no when asked to demonstrate his powers. He asks them what good happened in their lives today. The drunks say they found a bottle of wine. The Doryld claims responsibility for that. One of the drunks is converted.

Fadeland Johns 

Fadeland Johns sits in the tavern in Driftwood yapping about the good old days. Young ‘uns today don’t know nothin’, back then real adventurin’ was done with a bloody sword in one hand and a bottle in the other. Johns’ll go out there and show ’em how it’s done. Soon as she finishes this drink. If you say the slightest word against her she’ll draw on you, and you’ll have to kill her. Then she gets back up on her stool and starts drinking again… because behind the mask of the adventurer she’s undead. The will to adventure keeps her alive. The decrepit state of her body keeps her from leaving the tavern.


Eithne wanders the Blood Forest, masked and cloaked, and laden with books and scrolls. She was a Divine Order librarian until the Black Ring put her whole institute of learning to the torch. Desperately trying to save her precious books, Eithne perished in the blaze. But, as the magical scrolls combusted and their ashes littered her corpse, she was resurrected. With a burning zeal to spread forgotten knowledge and a passionate hatred of the Black Ring, she travels north through Beckonbridge Fort to establish a new library. Of course, she has books to trade – mostly rare and arcane knowledge better left unlearnt…

The Wonderful World of Drathe

If you’ve had a glance at the “#dos2” hashtag on Twitter in the last several weeks, you may have noticed a slew of truly amazing Divinity: Original Sin 2-inspired images by artist Anna Rulska (@Drathe90). Our team is going nuts over her renderings of characters in D:OS2 as faces of the tarot.



Check out her Twitter feed for lots of really beautiful (and, in some cases, really funny) artwork and comics related to the entire Divinity series and plenty more of your favorite RPGs. 



Arcadian Atlas
is a 2D isometric tactical role-playing game from Twin Otter Studios about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love, and the havoc it wreaks on a kingdom. They are almost halfway to their goal with about 2 weeks to spare, and we hope their vision will become a reality!

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
from Singapore’s Witching Hour Studios is already being praised by major gaming news outlets, and with an extra push in their last 13 days on Kickstarter, their fully-voiced “pause-for-tactics” RPG will bring their fantastical Venetian world to life.