Kickstarter Update #24: PAX East results — and beyond!

We’re almost over our jet lag and settling back to work after an awesome time with you guys at PAX. Thanks a million to those who came to say hi and try the game. Your feedback, enthusiasm, and kind words really fuel our fires! 

For this who couldn’t make it, here’s what happened and what we showed to the Pax crowd: 


What the PAXers saw: 

  • New combat mechanics, including ultra-powerful Source skills powered by Source Points– which you can obtain through fair or truly foul means. 
  • Height gameplay, including added damage and range bonuses when attacking from on high (flying Margaret, anyone?). 
  • New surface interactions in which you can Bless and Curse existing surfaces in order to help or hurt your fellow combatants. 
  • A brand new armor system featuring Magical and Physical armor.


Clash of the Titans

In the past year, our visits to various conventions have been marked by one particular event: PC Gamer’s Tom Marks, in his terrible hubris, challenges studio founder and creative director Swen Vincke to a match of his own game. And… well… Tom wins every time. Like, every … time.
Check out their PAX showdown in full over at PC Gamer.
But beware, Tom Marks: They say luck comes in threes…

And by the by, where should we send your trophy?

Pick a skill tree: We have a winner!

You guys voted, and the results are in: Divinity: Original Sin 2 will feature a Summoning Masterskill tree! These skills will allow you to call to convene help– mundane and otherworldly– in battle. 

Here are the results: 

– Summoning Master – 1709 votes 
– Bard – 1285 votes
– Alchemist – 557 votes
– Unarmed Combatant – 433 votes
– Guardian – 413 votes
– Juggernaut – 408 votes
– Trap Master – 197 votes 

The word is in 

Plenty of press paid us a visit at PAX, and their reports have rolled out. Their enthusiasm is highly encouraging, to say the least and matches what we heard from players. Now rest assured – while all the reports are about combat and PVP because that’s what we showed – we do have a massive campaign too. We’ll start revealing details about that in the coming months. But for now, it’s good to see that the changes in the combat system are being well received.   

US Gamer
“…Larian isn’t a studio to relax though, so they’ve expanded on the games’ combat this time around. There’s a new armor/magic armor system. Physical skills deplete armor, while magical attacks destroy your magic armor. Some characters have one or both, depending on where their affinities lie. The armor protects you from debilitating effects like Fear, so getting rid of your opponent’s armor should be your first step.”

“If I had to make a list of things that I wouldn’t care to have in Divinity: Original Sin 2, a PvP mode would probably be at the top of that list. But you know what? It was actually pretty good!”

“The first thing that strikes you is the battlefield. The team has introduced a much more robust terrain and movement system that rewards the player for taking advantage of positioning, and especially verticality. Taking the high ground results in a plethora of advantages, including extended range on your spells and ranged attacks, and improved vision and visibility. Included in each of the characters in our skirmish were a fairly wide variety of spells and attacks, and each character has at least one movement spell, allowing for quick maneuvering around the battlefield. Characters could also secure and consume Source puddles on the battlefield that could then be used to power much greater spells and powers. The battlefield was also strewn with explosives and acids and other detrimental effects that could be triggered by hapless players upon themselves, or by wise tacticians to wreak havoc upon their foes.”

PC Gamer
“Swen came ready to fight this time, and I’ll admit I was really nervous. We shook hands before, and Swen looked me in the eyes and said “I’m not going to lose this time” with a confidence that made me genuinely believe him. Reworked abilities, a new height system, blessed and cursed terrain, and a whole lot of other changes meant I would need to learn quickly. He even brought tissues with “PC Gamer exclusive” written on them in Sharpie, saying they were “for my tears” after I lose. He wasn’t messing around, and members of both our offices were watching as we loaded into the arena.”

“Multiplayer isn’t what comes to mind when I think of Divinity, which was GameSpot’s PC game of the year in 2014. I think of well written dialogue. I think of engaging characters. I think of long adventures across dangerous lands. But because of the team’s towering Kickstarter campaign, Original Sin II is becoming more than just a single-player RPG, complete with what seems to be a nuanced multiplayer component. That means there will be more ways to experiment with the game’s complex combat when it releases. And that’s not a bad thing.” 

“Divinity: Original Sin II’s Competitive Multiplayer Might Be My New Addiction. I’ve always been fascinated with tabletop miniatures. Unfortunately, cost and time get in the way of painting and longer session wargaming. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for experiences that capture the miniature gaming ethos without the physical version’s high investment.”