Kickstarter Update #41 – But Wait, There’s More!

It started with hints, but the hints have turned to full on grumbling. Your companions want to know how much longer this will take.  

“Patience! These things take time!” You murmur, absorbed in your work. Actually, the truth is that you could have left hours ago. You’ve crafted enough runes and skill books to fund an army. But you can’t stop. Your curiosity won’t let you. You have to keep experimenting. 

What happens if you combine Necromancy with Water? Or Polymorph with Fire? You must know.  

Suddenly, you hear your group cry out. It’s an ambush! You feel a thrill of panic before certainty settles over you like a mantle.  

“We’ve got this,” you say calmly as you stand up and prepare your spell, your new armor and weapon runes glinting in the sunlight.  

Your companions look at you in confusion and awe as you raise your hands and shout —  

Welcome to Kickstarter Update #41!  

We have so much to talk about today! We’re excited to show you a few things we’ve been working on, some that we’ve mentioned already and some that we have not! In this update we’re talking crafting, spirit talk, controllers, split screens and more!  

So let’s see what Swen is up to:  

Take Control… ler!  

Good news everyone! Divinity: Original Sin 2 will have controller support for PC on release! And for those who have been asking, yes, DOS2 does support split screen play with controller support. So you can play co-op with your best friend, fiance, your grandma, your pet chihuahua: you name it! Okay maybe not the chihuahua. They can get bitey. In addition, you can use controllers and split screen to go one step further to play a four player game on two connected PC’s. 



Got Skillz?  

Now you can create new skills using our Skill Crafting mechanism! As an example below, we can combine a necromancy and fire spell to get a completely new and powerful ability; Corpse Explosion! 



Simply combine any elemental book with any non-elemental book to gain a new skill. Experiment away!

As you most certainly know in addition to these skills, your character will also have Source Skills. You can use the power of your Source Skill to talk to spirits (via Source Vision) or even suck the power out of them (via Source Vampirism). You can also power up your Source through items of power or Source pools.  

Rune It!  


In addition to Skill Crafting, we are also introducing Rune Crafting! Players can find or craft runes to improve weapons and gear. For example, if you combine Pixie Dust, Wood and Oil you'll create a Small Flame Rune! You can then enchant items with available Rune Slots to give the item additional effects. In this example, we'll be adding +10% damage as Fire damage to our Magical Composite Bow.



You’ll be able to find and create small, medium and large runes, and identical runes can be combined to create stronger runes!   

Beautiful Death  

Witnessing your character’s death throes is now 50% more fun with the addition of ragdoll physics and better death animation! Did your character catch fire? Instead of a pile of ash, now they're a pile of scorched bone! Were they on a hill when they died? Now physics will take over and send them on a death spiral! You’re welcome. 




PAX West Volunteers Needed!  

We’re on the hunt for passionate fans to join us at PAX West! We'll be there on 1st – 4th of September, so if you're going to be in the area and you want a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest gaming conventions around then this is your chance! Click here for more information and to sign up! And even if you are not able to attend as a volunteer, be sure to drop by at our booth on Level 6! We are showing a lot of new things! 





But What About…  

We know you still have many questions! We’ll have another Kickstarter update to discuss the Collector’s Edition, hoodies, and tees, as well as, maybe, possibly, some information about the Undead.  


However, we won’t be able to to release another patch before release. Creating patches takes a lot of time and effort from the development team and we decided it is best to focus our energy on ensuring the game is in great shape when September 14th comes. Trust us – it will be worth the wait. There’s plenty of surprises still! But we still have a bit of work on them.  

Also Important…  

The deadline for submitting your details for all your Kickstarter rewards has ended, but we are still accepting last changes. If you haven't done so already, we need you to fill in your delivery details as soon as possible – otherwise, we will not be able to deliver your backer rewards to you.  


If you picked the “Portrait of a Fan” reward, we need that image right away in order to put your likeness into the game. Also, if you were hoping to receive a Missive from the Wizard, you’ll need to fill out what subject you want the Wizard to write about! We also need everyone to fill out their delivery address for any physical rewards, such as the Collector’s Edition or the Hoodie.  

Looking over the new and adjusted entries on, we can see that a lot of you responded to our latest update so thank you.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of entries that ONLY list the name and country of residence. So please login to the Larian Vault and check that you have given us all your details.  

How do you give us your info? Simply follow these steps:  

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2. Once logged in, click on the D:OS2 Kickstarter link in the top menu. If you haven’t linked Larian Vault to your Kickstarter account, you’ll be prompted to do so.  

3. Once your accounts are linked, click on the menu item "Your Choices & Input". In the list of rewards, complete all boxes and choices that are available and required.  

Need help?  

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That’s it. Thank you for taking the time to do this and once again, thank you for backing!

Shout Out!  



But before you go, we have to give a shout to Supergiant Games, who just released their third (and biggest!) game, Pyre, on Steam! Pyre is a gorgeous-looking party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through competitions in the Downside. They also have a Versus Mode so be sure to give it a look!