Kickstarter Update #44 – We’re alllllllllllllmost there!

The fighter, exhausted, hauls himself to the final step of the cavern. Turning and holding his torch aloft, he looks back at the chaos behind him.

He looks out over the labyrinth he's passed through – at every dead end he went down, and every pitfall he avoided (or muscled through). At the horde of dead bugs. At the monsters that whispered in code. At the end of it all, he looks out and sees more than two years of toil and adventure.

But more than that, he sees two years of exploits with friends, old and new. Of found family. Of bonds forged in fire.

He holds his torch to the heavens and, in triumph – his torch goes out.

Fate chuckles as the fighter looks at the embers in disbelief. "You didn't think I was finished, did you? You didn't think it would be that easy?"

The fighter spins, drawing his sword. There's always one more monster to slay…

"One voice, alone in the darkness," Fate hisses. "You cannot hope to overcome."

Now it's the fighter's turn to chuckle as, in the distance, a flicker of light appears. Another light twinkles, this one closer. More and more lights appear, until 42,700 torches flare to life, bathing the room in blinding light.

"I was never alone," the fighter grins.

Drawing his sword he turns to the horde and roars –


Welcome to the release of Divinity: Original Sin 2!


It's been a long time coming, and the road here has been exhilarating, exhausting, and unexpected for all of us. And it wouldn't be a Larian adventure if Fate hadn't just thrown one last twist our way. We'll let Swen explain…




Feature Trailer

If you’ve somehow managed to not see our feature trailer yet, just point your hype-hungry eyeballs right here. Stop reading, start watching:




Translations postponed one week

We set ourselves some incredibly ambitious targets for this game, and while we cleared most of those hurdles, there is one area where we unfortunately had some issues.

We’d hoped to launch the game in English, German, French and Russian, and we’ve been working for months towards this goal, but we hit some unexpected problems at the eleventh hour.  

After a lot of discussion and heartache we decided that, rather than release the game with some disappointing translations in there, we would take an extra week to make sure that the translations were as complete and well-implemented as they could be, rather than launch the game and give you an experience that we weren’t satisfied with.

This wasn’t a decision we made lightly – we know how much some of you have been looking forward to playing the game in your native languages – but we hope you’ll enjoy it so much more when the complete Russian, German and French translations are released on the 21st September.


Collector’s Editions

Our Collector’s Editions are all boxed up and parcelled out now. Depending on the postal service in your country, you should receive yours either today, tomorrow or early next week. The hoodies (as you can see Swen modelling in the above video!) are currently having a very short holiday in customs, so will be with you as soon as bureaucratically possible!

If you are one of the folks who didn’t give us your address for your Collector’s Edition – we need your address to send it to you! Go to and input your details so we can send you some postal happiness.




Release Streams


The Carnage begins!
The Carnage begins!

   – CohhCarnage kicks us off at 8am PST



Rollin' on with Bikeman and Delrith
Rollin' on with Bikeman and Delrith

 – Next up is Bikeman and Delrith at 2pm PST



Bringin' it all home
Bringin' it all home

 – And then Jesse CoxCrendorDodger and Strippin take over at 4pm PST!

So get out the popcorn and cheese plates (and maybe a seat-belt for safety) because it's going to be a wild ride through Rivellon!

We’re also going to do a dev stream next Tuesday the 19th, so mark a little X in your calendars for that. Detailed time and castlist to follow soon. (Check Twitter for all the latest.)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

From every single one of us here at Larian, from the bottom of our hearts – we thank YOU. You – each and every one of our Kickstarter backers – made this game possible. We eagerly hope that we have made an experience you will truly love.  

And if we have? Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the voices that whisper to you from the Void. Wait, after the last few months of crunch, maybe that last one is just us. Maybe…


A post two years in the making...
A post two years in the making…