Kickstarter update 5 – Life after death, unlocked! Devline!

It’s celebration time, so grab a glass of hemlock tea and hie yourself to the nearest graveyard. You smashed through the next stretch goal, and now it’s official: the Undead will be featured as a playable race in D:OS2.

In this video, we learn a bit more about what’s in store for the Undead in Rivellon from our lead writer Jan and concept artist Tania, and Swen gives us another peak into Larian’s adventures at PAX.



What’s that? Three types of Undead?

The spiked mace crashes through your skull, and suddenly, everything is gone. Gone the muddy, blood-stained battlefield. Gone the burning eyes of the warrior who felled you. Gone the acid rush of terror that seized your body as he swung.

Now, there’s only silence.

Now, a thick emptiness swells around you.

Now, you are light. Light as mist and light as morning.

You open your eyes, and a gentle fog caresses you. It shifts as something approaches from its swirling depths. A small figure, slight and careful. Can it be? Harlan, your son, taken too soon… can it be?

The Hall of Echoes. You’ve made it at last. He holds out his hand, and a wave of relief softens your very being. You reach for his hand, and–

Mud. Blood. Terror.

The black eyes of a bedraggled necromancer glower over you. He commands you to stand. You stand. He commands you to follow. You follow. Your body — your corpse — bends to his will, but your mind… your mind is still your own.




While none of the races of Rivellon are particularly accustomed to peace, few know the anguish of the Undead.

In order for an Undead to come into being at all, the dying must ferociously refuse the call of the Hall of Echoes. This afterlife, welcomed by most, is a resting place and eternal home for the Source within all conscious beings.

But why would anyone refuse the gentle, insistent pull of the Hall?

Some distrust the myths and fear it as a punishing place for their lives ill-lived. Others might be so tormented by regret or grief that they cannot bear to disembark from the mortal plane. Others yet– woeful ones indeed– are ripped from the Hall by necromancers most foul and becomeRaised Ones.

The Undead on Rivellon must constantly resist the eternal tug of the Hall of Echoes. In doing so, however, they lose the thing most precious to them: their memories. Kept out of Eternity long enough, these wanderers become little more than automatons, confused as to their purpose, desperate for reprieve. They are called the Faint Ones.



There are rumors, though, of a race of civilized Undead far to the north who call themselvesChosen Ones. The legends say they dress in finery, discuss philosophy, and seek no Source from the souls around them. While no explorer has ever documented its location (or more specifically: lived to mark it on a map), there are some who insist the rumors are true.

Undead Skills: Tell us what you think!

Now that you’ve unlocked the Undead as a playable race, as well as Racial Skills, we’ll be hard at work determining which fantastic skills will come naturally to this curious race of Rivellonians. 

Inspired? Share your insights in the comments! Our Skills Wizard Nick has had a little inspiration of his own. What do you think?

Regenerate while Frozen, can’t heal while Burning.
Cold preserves the dead, after all.

Immune to Fear. Immune to Bleed.
There are some advantages to living in the hollow, fleshless margins of the living.  

Hand\Foot Grenade.
Cause you’ve got a bone to pick with those goblins…

Bleed Poison.
There’s nothing life is more allergic to than death.|

Source Addiction. (Passive)
Undead start out with +20% max hp due to ignoring pain and some wounds, but (very) slowly deteriorate to -20% max hp due to decomposition. The bonus can be reset via Source Revivification (Source, Active).

Grave Chill (Active)
Drastically reduce the surrounding temperature, downgrading each status: Burning -> Warm, None->Chill, etc.

Necromantic Command (Source)
Take control of target skeleton or zombie for 3 turns (goes into summon slot, replacing existing summons). It is destroyed at the end of the duration.

Soul Devourer (Source) Suck the soul right from the living body of a character. Without a soul, the target devolves to animalistic instincts, attacking nearest characters until death. Doesn’t leave a body, doesn’t spawn a Faint.

New tiers? Don’t mind if we do!

Our campaign has expanded more rapidly than we ever imagined, and we’re hoping to meet the demand with a whole slew of new tiers. Sad you missed your chance for a signed Collector’s Edition? How about having your portrait painted and hung on an in-game foyer? Have a look at the updated sidebar to choose the tier that tickles your fancy. And remember: If we’ve introduced a tier you prefer to the one you already chose, you can always increase or decrease your pledge.

Furthermore, new tier changes translate into good news for those of you who already backed.Everyone who pledged $40 or higher will now receive a Digital Soundtrack Download at no addtional cost!

28 games later

We were very honoured to learn that Divinity: Original Sin was listed at #28 on the PC Gamer Top 100 Greatest Games. Our sincerest ambition is that D:OS2 will have what it takes to do its predecessor at least one better!

In the press

Eurogamer talks with Swen about the state of the studio past and present, and answers the question of what would have happened to Larian without Kickstarter and what the vision behind D:OS 2 is.  

Swen sits down with Gametrailers to discuss options, freedom, and engage in a little PvP gameplay. The reporter was clearly enthused by the demo he just saw 🙂 

The Escapist gets its hands on the D:OS2 prototype and concludes it “could really make waves in the RPG genre.” Damn right!

And according to this hands-on video preview from IGN, D:OS2 is “adding huge amounts of depth.”. They’re not wrong.

Larian DevLine: Coming Wednesday, September 9!

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