Kickstarter Update 8 – Day of the Dwarves

They’re hardy. They’re proud. Their history is long, and their beards are luscious.

Except KingArt’s The Dwarves, of course. THEY’RE shrimpy, yellow-bellied milk-sippers with egos bigger than their bullocks!

We’re in the midst of a heated #dwarf_off with our so-called friends over at KingArt, and we’re more than ready to finish it! 

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It’s a war out there and we need your help! 

If you’re not on twitter, you can still see the battle report here (ongoing). Just remember – they started it!


Join the battle now!
Join the battle now!


For a deeper look at the dwarves of D:OS2 (not to mention a preview of what’s to come!), check out Swen’s latest tour around the Larian office, which is buzzing with new content, worlds, and the imminent release of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.  


Meet the Dwarves: The Birth of an Empire

The dwarves are natural born empire-builders. They are organised, cunning, pragmatic, and if need be, brutal. Indeed, it’s not unheard of for them to wipe out an entire city to set an example for others. Next time, they won’t be late paying their taxes…

The dwarves are religious, but very practical about it. They tend to favour personal house gods over the pantheon of the Seven, and these house gods are often revered ancestors that have become family tales of legend.

They highly favour ‘decorum’ in public to the point of prudishness, but what goes on behind closed (bedroom) doors is another matter entirely. Public and private expectations often differ wildly, which makes it hard for outsiders to gauge dwarven motivations, let alone become part of their society through friendship or courtship.

The dwarven empire being what it is, it’s hard to imagine the loosely affiliated group of clans that once was. These clans suffered the humiliation of being conquered and forced to serve their overlords. Subjugation united the dwarves, however, and under the leadership of the tenacious and tactically astute Tenax, they managed to overcome their enemies and emerge from their thraldom a veritable empire. Never, so Tenax vowed, would the dwarves be humiliated again. And never again would they be disunited.

Tenax has long since become the most revered of all dwarves: the father of their nation, and the first of many just and noble emperors of his line.


The Dwarven Empire takes its strength by assimilating the cultures it conquers into its own-- and learning from their unique magic, weapons, and fighting-styles.
The Dwarven Empire takes its strength by assimilating the cultures it conquers into its own– and learning from their unique magic, weapons, and fighting-styles.

In Recent Times

As generations passed, the empire grew strong. Yet, as even more generations passed, it grew complacent also. The line of Tenax was replaced by the ruthless House of Haudrauf, a family of wealthy, power-hungry rulers eager to get the empire firmly under its thumb.

The last emperor was a weak-willed dwarf who mismanaged the economy greatly, preferring grand scale personal projects over essential structures such as roads, aqueducts and harbours. Strategically, he dropped the ball by alienating allies, leaving the empire’s enemies snapping at its heels for the first time in centuries.

Most noble households kept supporting him as a matter of course, but the people grumbled and urged the emperor’s popular sister to remedy the situation. Backed by the Divine Order, this is precisely what she did: a coup was staged and her brother ousted.



This move had the nobles in an uproar, but in a shrewd political move, the new empress declared a pact with the popular Divine Order, ensuring support of the Order’s vast military. Many nobles were quickly accused of Sourcery and purged. 

Tenax’s throne was once more occupied by a powerful and ruthless ruler, but the recent troubles left deep scars within the dwarven civilisation. Economic woes coupled with bloody bouts of purging led many dwarves to leave their homeland behind in search of brighter prospects.

Though the empress remains a popular leader, her alliance with the Divine Order proved to be divisive, especially the enforcing of the strict religious doctrine the Order is synonymous with.

Resettling often proved to be tough for the dwarven expats, though. Hard workers, but headstrong and imperious, they often clash with local populations. If there’s one thing a dwarf doesn’t like, it’s to be told what he has to do.

As it stands, some dwarves take a very dim view of the empire’s current situation and many fear that Tenax’s vows will be broken. Humiliation: nevermore. Disunion: nevermore. How long will these tenets remain?


Escaping economic conditions in their own empire, dwarves can be found in (almost) every corner of Rivellon.
Escaping economic conditions in their own empire, dwarves can be found in (almost) every corner of Rivellon.

Racial skills wanted!

Thanks to this  Kickstarter campaign, our Dwarves (like all the other races) will be getting racial skills.   So far your feedback with skill suggestions has been fantastic, so we’re very curious to see what you’ll come up with for the Dwarves. Let us know in the comments section or on ourforums

What’s next?

With the Hall of Echoes stretch goal rapidly approaching, we’re fully preparing to implement your entry point to the Land of the Dead. After that, it’ll be a short jump to unlocking dedicated mod support, expanded in-game relationships, and beyond! We really have no idea where we’ll land, but already the journey has been amazing and the end result will be a fantastic game!  

Stuff we love

If you love exploration, roleplay, and oldschool-inspired innovation as much as we do, you definitely won’t want to miss Pera Games’ Overfall. They’re so close to reaching their funding goal, and with only four (!!!) days left in their campaign, you’ll want to back before the clock runs out!