Kickstarter Update 22 – VR mode for Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition released!


Before we get into the day’s announcements, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the recent terror attacks in Brussels, a city not terribly far from our office in Ghent. 

We are happy to say that everyone at Larian is fine and so are our loved ones, though we were of course shocked by what happened. May we all continue exuding light, dignity, and a little humor, even during dark events.

In that vein, we travel…

Into the Rifts! 

Following the recent release of the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, we are very excited to announce a preliminary version of our first foray into virtual reality (VR) gaming. 



Who knows what Roderick's looking at? Or who's looking at him...
Who knows what Roderick’s looking at? Or who’s looking at him…


As diehard RPG enthusiasts, this is, of course, a brave new world for us at Larian. Check out Swen coming to grips with this exciting new technology in the video below:



Now, we cordially invite you to JOIN US in testing out our first attempt at VR gaming. 

Who? PC players of Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition

What? Larian’s first in-game VR mode. You do NOT need a VR headset to try it.

Where? In your own living room/ dungeon/ Void

When? Right now!

– Fire up Steam or GOG and download the most recent update for Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition.
– Start a new game. (The new mode won’t work in older saved games.)
– Conduct a little treasure hunt around the starting area of the game (VR-goggle engineering imps are known to hide loot along walls and behind crates) and you’ll find a very special bag with everything you need to try the new mode.



Update the game and look around the starting area to find everything you need to experience VR mode.
Update the game and look around the starting area to find everything you need to experience VR mode.


Let us know what you think at the Larian forums

Come kick our butts at PAX East!

We’ll be showing off our new combat system at PAX East featuring a whole range of new tactical options. We’re dying to hear what you think, so stop by our booth (#10224) to try it out. You’ll be able to challenge developers in arena matches or play against your friends, and there will be plenty of Larian loot for those who visit, including (but not limited to) badges, T-shirts, lanyards, and daily giveaways for a signed PS4 and copies of Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition.

We’re also looking for feedback from players on our new VR mode (see above), so anybody who stops by and mentions the VR mode will get free loot as a token of our thanks.




Heading to London? See the game at EGX Rezzed!

If you’re planning to visit EGX Rezzed on Friday, April 8, don’t miss Swen’s 2 p.m. presentation. There you can see a preview of the game in its current state and hear about some of the challenges and opportunities of bringing a multiplayer pen-and-paper experience to a story-driven cRPG.


The Enhanced Edition comes to the App Store – at last! 

It took us a little time and a sacrifice to the Seven Gods, but the Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition upgrade is now available on the App Store to those of you who bought Divinity: Original Sin for Mac. If that’s you, simply launch the game and a new launcher will load, giving you access to both Divinity: Original Sin and the newer Enhanced Edition




Choose your own adventures 

We are also happy to announce that the editor we used to make Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition is now available on PC. This is a very powerful tool that can be bent and twisted to your will. Make simple mods to the game, or craft new adventures all your own.


The editor comes with all the art assets used in the game, so create an enchanted tundra, a hellish firescape, or... a cow field.
The editor comes with all the art assets used in the game, so create an enchanted tundra, a hellish firescape, or… a cow field.


Join our Editor community to learn more, watch tutorials, or share your own tips and tricks.


Congrats to Clever-Plays on the recent launch of Leap of Fatea furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelike about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. In a New York City where magic is real, you play as a techno-mage who must develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates. Check it out!