Larian Studios at E3 2015

Team Larian has been facing one of their most challenging quests in a long time: surviving E3! It’s been an epic few days in LA; we had an absolute blast meeting fans of our games and giving them a chance to see what we’ve spent the last year working on. But of course, not everyone could make it to LA, and we wanted to make sure that none of you were missing out on the fun. So we recorded a series of video diaries of our time at E3 to make sure you were kept up-to-date on our latest adventures!

[Day Minus One]

Briefings, Booths, and Beard Bombs: Our first update gives you an inside look into how we prep for one of the biggest gaming events of the year. “Who are we?” “What are we doing here?” The same questions seem to pop up whether you’re having a quick get-together or an existential crisis…

[Day Zero]

On Day 0 you can follow the team as they set up camp (kind of literally, once you see the booth), create custom art for every single swag bag that we give away, and have some rather unfortunate experiences with pigeons.

[Day One]

After all the setup and prep, we make it to Day 1 for the Larian team at E3, and we’re finally able to hand over the controllers and let the public play Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition. The verdict? We were immediately nominated for WorthPlaying’s Best of E3! Watch the video to see what gameplay you can look forward to in the Enhanced Edition, and get some reactions from the very first people to play the game!

[Day Two]

What did people think after playing the Enhanced Edition for the first time? Our Day 2 video reveals all! We’ve loved seeing how naturally people use the controller to play the game and it’s been great to hear how much everyone is enjoying the split-screen local co-op. E3 is an exhausting experience, but it’s all worth it to hear the fantastic feedback that we’ve been getting from the press and public alike.

[Day Three]

In our final video the adventure might be over, but like any good quest, it’s time for you to claim your reward! To be in with a chance to win one of the five completely unique, hand-illustrated t-shirts that the guys were wearing at E3, just watch the Day 3 and guess how many times Farhang said “Divinity” while marauding through E3, trying to convince people to play the Enhanced Edition?
Once you’ve come up with a number, just send your entries to, and make sure you mention “T-Shirt Competition” in the email subject.
This final update also includes Farhanging out with Kratos and Angry Joe’s thoughts on Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition!

Overall, we had an amazing time at E3, and can’t wait until you can all have as much fun with Divinity: Original Sin the Enhanced Edition as everyone there did. Watch this space!