Twitch Live Demo and Q&A with David, and Farhang!

Want to see what’s coming up in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition? Tune in this evening to watch our Lead Game Designer, Farhang, and our Executive Producer, David, show off some of the fantastic new features coming to the Enhanced Edition live on Twitch!

Watching David and Farhang let loose with the Enhanced Edition was one of the highlights of our E3 experience, and now you can join them as they adventure their way through Rivellon. Tune in at 7pm CET (7pm Brussels, 6pm London, 1pm New York, 10am San Francisco) to see the two people that know the game best show off its most exciting new features. Get the low down on what’s coming to the Enhanced Edition, and sneak a peek at some of the quests, enemies, and new styles of combat that you can look forward to when it launches later this year!

Check out all the action here:

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