Kickstarter Update 9 – Meet the Writers and more!

Production on Divinity: Original Sin 2 is chugging merrily along and in particular, we’ve been hard at work developing the world and origin stories of the characters you’ll get to know when you begin your adventure.

On that note, we thought: What better time to introduce our team of writers? In this video, Swen takes to roleplaying with a few of the fine folks responsible for crafting the stories and dialogues of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Other features today include a twitch stream with Ara Gaming, a deeper look at why our heroes are afraid of Bishop Alexander and the unveiling of the identity of one of our mystery 10,000US$ backers! We’re also going to be doing a Reddit AMA next week so be sure to write that one in your schedule.    



Meet the Writers

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a narrative challenge unlike anything we’ve taken on before. We aim to create a world that lives, breathes, and reacts to you in a way that was simply inconceivable when we were working on its predecessor.

In order to create a world with this much depth and personality, we made sure to invest heavily in expanding our pool of designers and writing talent. As such, we’ve tripled the size of our writing team, expanding from a team of two to a team of seven, and more writers are to be added as a result of the success of the Kickstarter campaign.


L to R: Kieron Kelly, Stephen Rooney, Devin Doyle, Sarah Baylus, Jan Van Dosselaer, Charlene Putney, John Corcoran
L to R: Kieron Kelly, Stephen Rooney, Devin Doyle, Sarah Baylus, Jan Van Dosselaer, Charlene Putney, John Corcoran
A non-Devin
A non-Devin


Another non-Devin
Another non-Devin

Yet another non-Devin
Yet another non-Devin
Definitely not a Devin
Definitely not a Devin
Clearly a Devin-wannabe
Clearly a Devin-wannabe
An almost-Devin but still a non-Devin
An almost-Devin but still a non-Devin
The one and only Devin!
The one and only Devin!

The Purgings of Bishop Alexandar the Innocent


He steps carefully into the room, raising his staff to illuminate the shadows. His eyes fall on the broken chair, the torn picture, the tailor’s mannequin: remnants of a life abandoned.

He has been chasing the Sourceress for days. His prey was cunning, but the Divine Order’s dogs could smell Source, and escape was impossible.

Outside, his soldiers shift as their master explores a crumbling cottage. Their minds, alive with thoughts of fireballs and the clashing of swords, are keen to return to the hunt.

It’s easy to find those who want to fight. If they think they can best you, they’ll attack without a thought. If they know you will destroy them, they will run. And when they can run no more, they will hide, cower, and pray that your judgement will pass them by.

Hope is key. A hopeful enemy will never stop fighting. An enemy with hope is a dangerous thing.

He lays down his staff and leans against the shattered window frame. His back to the empty room, he uncorks his flask. Yes, an enemy with hope is a dangerous thing. Dangerous, but predictable…

He feels the shift in the room almost immediately as the illusion of the tailor’s mannequin disappears and the Sourceress reveals herself, desperate to seize her advantage. He twirls, hurling the flask and drenching his target. With a flick of his wrist, the water freezes, locking the her firmly in place.

“Demon! Wretch! You can’t control the Source!” the Sourceress shouts. “It fills every living thing; nothing will remain if you drain it from the world!” A rare smile cracks his lips as he picks up his staff.

“I will remain…”

His staff sparks to life, filling the room with a green glow; the power of a thousand other purged Sourcerers surges inside him.

Moments later, it’s over. The soldiers stir as the door creaks open and Bishop Alexandar the Innocent emerges, his face glowing with vigour. Behind him, a figure slowly drags itself forward. Its shoulders are slumped, its face drawn, and its eyes dead, but it is still recognisable as the Sourceress.

“A good hunt, Your Grace?”“Invigorating.”
Alexander nods towards a wagon-cage, filled with other dead-eyed unfortunates. “Store it with the others. Burn the cottage. It reeks of Source.”
“Of course, Your Grace. Should we take these wretches to Fort Joy?”
“I’ll take them myself. I have other business there.”
“Of course, your Grace. Do you hope to return to the Cathedral soon?”
“I do not deal in hope.”

The Bishop mounts his horse with ease. “If you are to survive in this world, you must only be certain. Hope will kill you. Even if you don’t know it yet.”


Sourcerers live in fear of Divine Order magisters, for under the rule of Bishop Alexandar the Innocent, a terrifying new practice has taken shape: purging. Caught Sourcerers are, by magical means, purged of the Source within them, leaving their spirits ripped in half. Half remains within its rightful owner; the other half is imprisoned within a special relic– one only the Bishop himself can provide.

This relic, infused with Source, is then used to dominate and control the Purged One. Some praise the work of the Divine Order as a brutal but thoroughly necessary countermeasure against the Source threat. Others look upon such a harrowing practice with disgust. But the opinions of a few common folk can do little to stop the Order’s war machine from churning. The Bishop is on a mission to purge all Sourcerers within Rivellon, and he will not stop until his work is done.


You do NOT want to be purged
You do NOT want to be purged
Gwynne is asking Sir Blackhorse about his Purged Dragon. Recently escaped from Fort Joy, Gwynne narrowly escaped becoming a Purged One herself...
Gwynne is asking Sir Blackhorse about his Purged Dragon. Recently escaped from Fort Joy, Gwynne narrowly escaped becoming a Purged One herself…


Our Mystery Patron: Revealed!

Some of you may have noticed we have not one, but TWO backers filling out our Divine Noble ($10,000) reward tier. While we were in touch with one of those backers, the other remained a mystery… until now. Today, we’d like to formally thank our good friends (and patrons!) for their very generous contribution to our campaign. We’re absolutely looking forward to working with them to cook up a high-ranking Divine Order official and couldn’t be happier to have them in our corner for the development of Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Divinity: Around the Realm

Divinity: Original Sin 2 previews, playthroughs, and discussions are making a splash across the web! Check out where you can see more:


 At 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. ET/ 20h CET/ 21h MSK), Swen will challenge Ara_Gaming to a Divinity: Original Sin 2 showdown. Maybe they’ll cooperate; maybe it’ll end in soul-sucking and bloodshed. There’s only one way to find out…

Next Week

Gather your most burning questions, cause Swen, lead writer Jan, writer Char, and level designer Jeff are taking to reddit’s /r/IAmA to answer anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Get it on the fun on Tuesday, September 22 at 1 p.m. PST, 4 p.m. ET, 22h CET, and 23h MSK.

What’s to Come

We’re steadily nearing our next stretch goal, which would mean adding the Hall of Echoes as your home base in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Our writers have been thinking hard about all this would mean for your characters, who will each have vastly different relationships with the Land of the Dead. Stay tuned for more information on this mysterious realm, coming soon in a future update.

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