Wanted: Fearless Source Hunters near Ghent, Belgium

We’ve just returned from showing Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition at E3 and you already want more! Apparently it’s not enough to watch gaming celebrities adventure through Rivellon: you want to get in and get your gauntlets dirty. Well, we admire your determination, so we’re delighted to invite whatever brave testers can make it to our HQ in Ghent, Belgium, to grapple with the game. If you can get to Larian Studios, we’d love you to come over and try out new our gameplay modes, rewritten story, and brand new quests!

– We will start public playtesting Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition in our Ghent office on the morning of June 29th, and will carry on until July 10th.

– Interested? Just mail playtesting@larian.com with your name, age (18+ only), email address and previous experience with Divinity: Original Sin for a chance to see the Enhanced Edition before anyone else!

– Players must be available for one full day between June 29th and July 10th.

– Players are required to be in the office for a full day, arriving at 10:00 and leaving at 16:00.

– All testing will take place using console controllers.

We hope to see you soon, Source Hunters!