World Designer

Design / Kuala Lumpur / Full -time
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Larian Studios are looking for a World Designer to join our studio in Guildford. We have 25 years of experience creating critically acclaimed role playing games and pride ourselves on our excellent storytelling — our most recent title, Divinity: Original Sin 2, has won over 160 awards (including the BAFTA for Best Multiplayer Game) and our next game, Baldur’s Gate 3, is currently in Early Access.
World Design is a blend of narrative, level and quest design that imagines the gameplay flow. We need people that can visualise the level and understand player motivations. You’ll be taking ownership of a section in Baldur’s Gate 3 and liaising with multiple design teams to deliver it successfully. We need strong collaborators that can communicate their visions and get buy-in from the team. 
We are looking for World Designers in our Guildford, Kuala Lumpur and Quebec City offices. 
World Designer

We will expect you to:

  • Ensure logical and well paced narrative flow in the combination of situations, dialogs and areas.
  • Create solutions for quest design problems and implement them. 
  • Conduct progress reviews for your region, gathering feedback from the other departments and working with them to reach the optimal finished state.
  • Contribute to a multitude of design tasks across narrative, level and quest design. 
  • Take a holistic approach when implementing changes to your region. Every decision will impact a range of departments, so you’ll need to take their limits and priorities into account. 
  • Understand player motivations and expectations 

We are looking for someone who:

  • Can take the lead of a creative element of the game, communicate with all parties involved, gather feedback, and sink your teeth into it until it's finished. 
  • Can come up with creative solutions to new problems, or identify issues that don't require reinventing the wheel.
  • Can imagine what it's like seeing the game for the first time every single day, you understand player expectations.
  • Can observe players and learn from their actions and filter their feedback.
  • Is highly digitally literate and adapts quickly to new software and tools (G Suite, Confluence, Jira etc.) 
  • Is very attentive to detail and undaunted by complexity and change
  • Has excellent organization and communication skills
  • Is comfortable in an agile environment with evolving needs

Ideally, you:

  • Have shipped games with a narrative focus. 
  • Have extensive experience as both a player and maker of RPGs. 
  • Are familiar with Larian’s games and capable of emulating our distinctive style. 

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