Dragon Commander

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About the game

You are the Dragon Commander. Your mission it is to reunite a broken empire and become the new emperor. Success depends entirely on your ability to efficiently rule your empire, build invincible armies and lead them to victory. Your secret weapons: your tactical insights, your leadership skills and your ability to turn yourself into a dragon.

Dragon Commander is not just any strategy game – it seamlessly blends real-time strategy gameplay with turn-based campaigning, role-playing an ascending emperor and controlling a formidable dragon.

Key Features

  • Real time strategy: Command your sea, land and air forces in real-time. Combined operations and knowing where and when to hit are crucial elements of any victory.
  • Dragon Combat: During real time strategy mode, you can turn into a dragon to support your troops in combat and obliterate the enemy using your formidable dragon powers.
  • Turn based campaign: Direct your conquest on the turn-based world map; plan several moves ahead, build formidable armies and invest in the right technology or magic upgrades.
  • Rule your empire: You are the emperor and you make the decisions! But beware, political balance is easily upset. Each game is different and you’ll find that a Dragon Commander needs to make really tough decisions. Feel the effects of your decisions on the battlefield as the war progresses.
  • Single-player, multiplayer and co-op modes: Play the single player story-driven campaign or test your mettle against other Dragon Knights, online or local via LAN. Start your own multiplayer campaign with or against a friend. Or duke it out on a skirmish map.


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Press Quotes

Divinity: Dragon Commander is a gem.

Proper strategy, like mama used to make... its loveable nature and repertoire of charming tricks absolutely wins the day.

Colourful, fun and memorable, its elements mesh surprisingly well


You can find support on forum or by email supportdc@larian.com


How well will dragon commander fit in Divinity universe and its timeline?

It’s long in the past, at the time Maxos was roaming around Rivellon.

How long is the campaign?

That depends on how you play the strategy map - this is not a strategy game in which you have premade missions. It’s really quite different, expect a full explanation in our (future) videos on Dragon Commander.

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