Senior Character Artist

Art / Quebec / Full -time
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The team that created Divinity: Original Sin 2, PC Gamer’s Game of the Year 2017 and Metacritic’s top-rated PC game of 2017 will be looking to grow in anticipation of upcoming projects, most notably Baldur’s Gate 3,  and is looking for new talent to swell the ranks. We want to find passionate, skillful people to join us on our next adventure.

Senior Character Artist


  • Create 3D character models in Z-brush and Maya, bake lowpoly models, create UVs and texture them with Substance Painter (or equivalent 3D or 2D packages).
  • Work with other departments (animation/design) so character models follow technical guidelines, and processes and tools can be improved.
  • 3D character artists are responsible for creating: humanoids, monsters, animals, clothing, armor, weapons, and much more.
  • Mentor juniors to improve their skills.


  • Must have at least 5+ years experience in the video game industry.
  • Strong knowledge of human anatomy, excellent feeling for shape, colour, lighting and composition.
  • A strong interest in medieval/fantasy/steampunk characters and environments.
  • Experience with working in game editors like Unreal/Unity.
  • Good communication skills, able to work in a team and take creative input from the art director and lead.
  • Proficient written and spoken English.
  • Solid understanding and experience working with game engines such as Unity or Unreal.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with ever-evolving skillsets and passion for player experience. If you want to contribute to making amazing RPG experiences, we would love to hear from you.

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