Larian Studios' Fan Content Policy

We greatly value interaction with our community, and our team loves to discover the unique & wonderful content that you create every day, whether it’s fan art, videos, stories, screenshots, cosplays, mods, or anything else (collectively “Fan Content”).

In general we’re lenient about what’s allowed, but before you share your content with the community, we need to set some boundaries in order to protect our own interests and keep our community safe for all.  These are the five guidelines we ask you to follow when creating any form of Fan Content:

1. Keep it FREE.

You are free to create Fan Content using Larian Studios’ Intellectual Property (IP) such as music, videos, characters, etc. That content must remain free and accessible for everyone.

It is forbidden to sell or license your Fan Content to any third parties for any type of compensation.
However you can take advantage of sponsorships, ad revenue, and donations — so long as:

  • You don’t use a sponsor that would be harmful to Larian Studios’s image, like endorsing offensive or polarizing sponsors;
  • You make it clear (verbally or visually) that they are acting as a sponsor only;
  • You do not associate Larian Studios with your sponsor in any way; and
  • The sponsoring does not interfere with the community’s access to your Fan Content.

2. Keep it clear it’s Fan Content.

Fan Content is not commissioned by Larian Studios, it is unofficial content.
However, you are free to credit your creation with your name! It is also a great way for us to share your content with the community while giving you credit for your work.

When sharing your creations, don’t create confusion about the nature of your work. Make sure it’s clear that your content is not commissioned or sponsored by Larian Studios— i.e. it’s unofficial.

3. Keep it honest.

Respect Larian Studios’ IPs, and also that of other companies.

  • Don’t use Larian Studios’ logos and trademarks without written consent from us.
  • Don’t tinker with the legal notices in our creations. If the Larian Studios IP you are incorporating into your Fan Content already has copyright, trademark, or other notices existing within it, don’t remove them.
  • Don’t use our IP in other games. This includes your own or other people’s games or game components (e.g. rule books, tokens, figures), regardless of whether they are distributed for free.
  • If using another company’s IP in your work in addition to Larian Studios’, it is your responsibility to follow that other companies’ rules & guidelines, and to ensure you have the right to use their IP.
  • Do not steal the work of others, be respectful of others’ content and contributions. If we learn that your Fan Content also includes other people’s IP (example: crossovers/mashups) without their permission, we may ask you to take it down.

In addition to this Policy, your use of any Larian Studios’ IP must also comply with any other applicable Larian Studios' terms of use, e.g. EULA of one of our games.

4. Keep it clean.

We reserve the right to stop or restrict your use of Larian Studios’ IP at any time, including when we think your use is inappropriate, offensive, damaging, or disparaging. If we contact you asking to remove your content, you must immediately take it down.

If you have any questions or the Fan Content you want to make isn’t covered by this Policy, contact us via community@larian.com. We’ll reply back as soon as we can. Please understand that if you don’t hear from us, it does not mean we approve of your requested use of Larian Studios’ IP.

We take our community’s safety seriously. Any content or behavior that makes Larian Studios or other players feel unwelcome or unsafe does not belong here. Actions may be taken against community members who don’t follow our guidelines & policy.

5. Keep it legit.

It’s your Fan Content, so you are solely responsible for ensuring that your creations don’t violate the laws of your region. In addition to this Policy, your use of any Larian Studios’ IP must also comply with Larian Studios’ terms of use.

Thanks for your understanding.