Larian account Frequently Asked Questions. The following FAQ should answer the most common questions about your account and its services. If these do not solve an issue you are having, please contact us via our support site.

Which services will be available with my Larian Account?

At Early Access launch, the only feature available will be Cross Save on GoG and Steam. During Early Access, we plan to add Cross Play across those same platforms.

If you connect your account to Twitch, it will enable our Baldur’s Gate 3 extension on your channel and link it to the game. This way, your audience can interact with you directly on the choices you make in the game!

We will be expanding our services with more features as we get closer to full release of the game.

How do I enable the Larian Services in Baldur’s Gate 3?

At Early Access launch, only Cross Save will be active. You will see this when starting up the game the first time. A message box will be presented asking you to enable Cross Save.

If you want to disable or enable it, you can do this in the Game Options Menu.
If you want to load saves on a different platform, currently your last five saves will be synced automatically. You can see this in the Save or Load game menus.

To make sure your services are active on the platform of your choosing, connect your platform accounts to your Larian Account in the Connected Accounts section of this website.

Once your accounts are linked, you will be automatically logged in to the Larian Services when starting the game from your preferred platform.

My Larian Account services are not working in-game. What should I do?

The following needs to happen for you to be logged into the services:
- Your platform account needs to be linked to your current Larian Account.

- You need to launch the game from the linked platform Account (Steam or GoG currently)

If you are launching the game manually without any platform client running, the services will not activate.
If you are still having issues after confirming the above is set up correctly, please contact our support.