Divinity: Fallen Heroes


Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

Divinity II: Developer’s Cut

Important Note

Please note that if you have been editing your savegame, the game may become unstable and we will not be able to help you. If your savegame has become corrupt or unreliable after you have edited it, please revert to an old savegame from before editing it.


Patches, hotfixes

Dragon Commander

If you own a DRM-free version of Dragon Commander, the latest patch can be found here.

Note: Do not install this patch on top of a Steam or GOG version. They have their own patching systems.


Divinity 2

Attention: The Disc version of Divinity 2 does not work on Windows 10 due to securom incompatibility. Please install the DRM-free patch.


  • German Patch 1.03: Download (1,87 GB)
  • French (European) Patch 1.03: Download (876 MB)
  • English, Italian, Spanish (European) Patch 1.03: Download (406 MB)
  • Russian DVD version Patch v.1.3.15: Download (102 MB)
  • Russian digital version Patch v.1.3.15 : Download (96.4 MB)
  • Polish Patch 1.03: Download (149 MB)


  • Hotfix 1.03 for the PC version: Download


Beyond Divinity

Download the specific language patch:


Divine Divinity

Download the specific language patch: