Baldur's Gate 3

Multiplayer Information

Is there multiplayer in Early Access?
Yes, there will be 4 player online multiplayer, but split-screen will not be immediately available on launch. In 4 player online multiplayer, players can either start a multiplayer journey together and both create their own custom character (Origin characters will not be available as main player characters at the start of Early Access) or join a friends single player game during the adventure. In this case they will take over a companion. 

Is there Cross Play?
This in the process of being implemented. Direct Connection is possible between platforms, but all players must be on the same version number in order for it to work. Once cross play is supported, there may be temporary version discrepancies between platforms with game updates or hotfixes, which would prevent cross play until the versions match again, but we will try to synchronize updates as much as possible.
As of Patch 7, Direct Connection works between Steam and GOG, but does not between Stadia and computers (PC/Mac).

Will there be split-screen in Early Access?
Split screen will not be available on Early Access launch. 

Will there be DM/GM mode?
There will not be DM/GM mode in Early Access.

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